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  • Point Escarpada, in Brgy. San Vicente, is the sailfin capital of the Philippines.  It has the best fishing grounds for marlin being at the confluence of several ocean currents that carry baitfish and the larger pelagic predators that hunt them.  It is the site of the annual international sports fishing competition hosted by the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation.    It is a 167-km. (4-hr.) drive from Tuguegarao City.
  • The Jonggo, a previously undiscovered tribe, was discovered in Sta. Ana in 1978.
  • The white sand Anguib Beach.
  • The undeveloped and seldom visited Palaui Island, a 3,850-hectare volcanic island with a shoreline of 20.6 kms., has a picturesque old Spanish lighthouse (built in the 1800s) on the windswept headland of Punta Engaño, high above a gorgeous bay with a curving white sand beach and well-preserved coral.   Offshore are the Dos Hermanas.  The island is inhabited by a community of Dumagats administered by a Filipino church group.  There are abundant marine resources and the island is also home to different monkeys, wild pigs, deer, sea turtle and various endemic and migratory birds.  It is a 45-min. to 1-hr. chartered boat ride from the town during good weather.
Brief History
  • Sta. Ana was formerly a barrio of Gonzaga called Palawig
  • It was made into a separate municipality on October 21, 1949 by virtue of Exec. Order No. 289.
  • The town was not named after a saint but from the first letter of the family names of three provincial officials: “A” from the late Gov. Nicasio Arranz; “N” from the late provincial board member Federico Navarro; and “A” from provincial board member Robert Avena.

The town is home to the Cagayan Export Zone (CEZA) and has small ports in Casambalangan (Port Irene) and Brgy. San Vicente at northeastern tip of the mainland.  Crops grown here include rice, corn and peanuts. Limestone deposits are found at Bawac Mountain, coal at Carbon Mountain (Sta Clara) and guano deposits at Kapannikian Cave.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 441.3
  • Population (2007): 25,833
  • No. of Barangays: 16
  • Income Class: Fourth
  • District: First
  • Zip Code: 3514
  • Area Code: 078
Where to Stay
  • Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort, at CEZA, has aircon villas (some oceanfront), fine dining restaurant, spa, holistic center, private beach, online casino, shopping arcade, KTV center, lounge and bar. Cel: (0917) 588-9916 and (0908) 894-7042.
  • Eastern Hawaii Casino & Resort, at CEZA, has aircon rooms with bath, fridge and cable TV, oceanfront villas, infinity swimming pool, fine dining Chinese restaurant, private beach and offers watersports (jetskis). Cel: (0918) 916-0645, (0927) 808-5432 and (0917) 448-2123.
  • Jotay Resort, a special interest resort in Brgy. Centro, has aircon rooms with bath and TV.  Tel:  858-1026.  Cel:  (0916) 223-9477.  Website:
  • CEZA Hotel (tourist inn) - CEZA Complex (tel: 858-1021, fax: 858-1023)
  • Costales Lodge - (cel:  0916-5970074)
  • Damo Resort and Lodging - (cel:  0918-4141066)
  • Kuta de Punta Verde - Palaui Island (tel: 822-8614, cel: 0915-5346544)
  • Participants to Philippine Game Fishing Association-sponsored fishing expeditions and tournaments can stay at the Don Andres Soriano Sportfishing Camp.
How to Get There


Distances (Sta. Ana to:)

  • Manila: 651 kms.
  • Tuguegarao City: 173.6 kms. (Armel Trans buses)


Coastal launches connect the town’s Brgy. San Vicente with Palanan (Isabela) and Baler (Aurora).

  • June 8 (Viray Festival) - honors the local viray boat, considered as part of the history of the town whose main source of livelihood is fishing and eco-tourism.
  • June 10-12 (Philippine Game Fishing Tournament) - a private sector-led game fishing tournament participated in by Philippine Game Fishing Federation (PGFF) members in the country along the shores of the Babuyan Channel.
  • June 13 (St. Anthony of Padua)
Municipal Hall (Photo: United Tourist Promotions) Cagayan Export Zone Authority - Entrance (Photo: United Tourist Promotions) Cagayan Export Zone Authority (Photo: United Tourist Promotions
Municipal Seaport (Photo: United Tourist Promotions) Philippine Game Fishing (Photo: United Tourist Promotions) Palaui Island
Palaui Island - Punta Engano Beach Palaui Island - Punta Engano Lighthouse Dos Hermanas
Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort - Beach Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort - Casino
Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort - Lobby Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort - 2-Bedroom Villas Eastern Hawaii Casino & Resort
Eastern Hawaii Casino & Resort - Suite Eastern Hawaii Casino & Resort - Swimming Pool & Villas



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