Towns and Cities

The highly-urbanized Butuan City, the regional center of Caraga, is the commercial hub of the Agusan Valley. The downtown area, on the left bank, is located 8 kms. from the river's mouth and is connected to the other bank (Brgy. Ampayon) by the Magsaysay Bridge at Jose C. Aquino Ave..

Places to See
  • Brgy. Babag is where laksoy, a local nipa palm wine, is distilled in crudely-made vats.  To get there, you have to travel via Jose Rosales Ave..
  • Rizal Park, at the intersection of Zamora, Concepcion, Juan Luna and San Jose Sts., is the site of the National Shrine of the Philippine Flag in Mindanao which commemorates the first formal raising of the Philippine flag in Mindanao on January 17, 1899.
  • The Banza Church Ruins, at the junction of the Agusan and Baza Rivers in Lilo, Brgy. Banza, are the oldest ruins of a stone church in Mindanao.  Built in 1625 by Recollect friars, it was burned by Moro pirates in 1753.  What remains is the bell tower now enveloped by a banyan (balete) tree.
  • The modern baroque St. Joseph's Cathedral (Concepcion St.).
  • The Butuan Diocesan Liturgical Museum, at ground floor of the St. Joseph Cathedral Convent, showcases prized collections of religious and liturgical arts and materials used by missionaries in Agusan and Surigao ranging from liturgical paraphernalia to all kinds of vestments.  There is also a holy water font carved from a solid block of hardwood, an 18th century charcoal-fired hostmaker, a giant 6-ft. high candelero, a centuries-old piano organ, religious statues, a confessional box and other religious items and artifacts.  Tel: 44-9091 & 225-3321.
  • The Balanghai Shrine Museum, at Brgy. Libertad, between the city and the airport, displays in a specially made glass case, the 1,650-year old balanghai, the oldest of nine boats discovered in 1976 by pothunters in search of Chinese ceramics at Brgy. Ambangan.  Three of these water-logged timber boats have been excavated while the others are still in situ.  The balanghais were declared a National Cultural Treasure.   These large sea-going wooden plank-built and edge-pegged outrigger boats are 15 m. long and 3 m. wide across the beam.  Carbon-14 dating indicates it belongs to the 4th and 13th to 14th century AD. The oldest was dated to 320 AD by Tokyo’s Gakushuin Uniiversity.  Two others were dated to 990 and 1250 AD. These predate the relics of Viking ships in European museums and they represent the oldest fleet of boats excavated in one place.
  • The Butuan Regional Museum, at Brgy. Do-Ongan, is a branch museum of the National Museum located 2 kms. from downtown.  It was established as an offshoot of the discovery of the balanghais.  The museum houses the rich artistic, historic and cultural heritage of the Butuanons and the neighboring provinces in Northern Mindanao.  It has two exhibit galleries.  The Archaeological Hall displays archaeological finds found near the Agusan River in 1984 like skulls, death masks, porcelain, burial coffins, pottery and jewelry.  The Ethnological Hall exhibits contemporary cultural materials depicting the Butuanon lifestyle.   Tel: 342-5328.
  • The Fr. Urios College Museum, at the third floor of the Urios College Bldg. along San Francisco St., was established in 1975 and houses ethnographical and archaeological artifacts from Northern Mindanao.  Tel: 41-5266 & 5-2545.
  • Delta Discovery Park, in Brgy. Bonbon, has a 1.3-km. long zipline, the longest in Mindanao.
Brief History
  • As early as the 10th century, according to the Chinese Soong Shi (history), Butuanons had already established trade relations with the kingdom of Champa (Vietnam) and later came to China.  The remains of nine balanghais dating from 320 AD to 13th century and used by early migrants for travel throughout Southeast Asia have been discovered and 10th century Tang Dynasty pottery was unearthed near Butuan in 1976.
  • Butuan's history is closely connected with the Butuan River which is the means of access to the interior.  Originally located at Pinamangculan by the banks of the Masao River, 1 km. from Brgy. Libertad, flooding forced the people moved to Maug (now Magallanes), at the mouth of the Agusan River.  Later, they transferred to Lapaca (now Linungsuran, Brgy. Banza), about 5 kms. inland of Agusan River.  Flooding again forced the people to transfer, this time permanently to a higher place called Agao, which is the present site of the city.  At the time of the Spanish arrival, Chinese merchants were trading with riverbank settlements.
  • On January 17, 1899, during the revolution, the first formal hoisting of the Philippine flag was done here.
  • In the middle of 1943, during the Japanese occupation in World War II, Butuan was razed to the ground when guerrilla forces attacked the enemy garrison.
  • In 1945, Filipino troops, together with the recognized guerrillas, attacked the Japanese forces during the Battle of Agusan.
  • On October 20, 1948, still recovering from the war, the entire municipality was ruined by a fire.
  • From the 1950s to the mid 1970s, the boom of the logging industry  made Butuan the "Timber City of the South," leading to an influx of business and fortune seekers from other provinces.
  • On August 2, 1950, Butuan became a chartered city.
  • On February 7, 1995, Butuan was reclassified, from a chartered city, to a "highly urbanized city."
  • It was the capital of the province until August 16, 2000 when Republic Act 8811 transferred the provincial capital to Cabadbaran City.

The “Timber City of the South,” this highly urbanized sea and river port is an important center of wood-based industries.

Location and Topography

Butuan City, at the northeastern part of the Agusan Valley, is sprawled over flat, marshy land on both sides of the Agusan River. It is bounded to the north, west and south by Agusan del Norte, to the east by Agusan del Sur and to the northwest by Butuan Bay.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 817.28
  • Population (2010): 309,709
  • No. of Barangays: 86 (26 urban and 50 rural)
  • Income Class: First
  • District: First
  • Zip Code: 8600
  • Area Code: 085
Where to Dine
  • D’ New Narra Restaurant - Juan Luna St. (Chinese cuisine, tel: 44-9514-15 & 225-3414)
  • Emerald Villa Restaurant - Villanueva St. (Chinese cuisine,  tel: 44-9376-77)
  • Fu Hua Restaurant - Echelon Hotel, Villanueva St. (Chinese cuisine, tel: 42-8233)
  • Golden Dragon Restaurant - Concepcion St. (Chinese cuisine, tel: 342-8485)
  • Lei Tin Restaurant - A.D. Curato St. (Chinese cuisine, tel: 342-8586)
  • Royal Plaza Restaurant - T. Calo St. (Chinese cuisine, tel: 41-5125 & 44-8824)
  • Prime Cut Steakhouse - Km. 3, Baan (American cuisine, tel: 42-8449)
  • Punta Engano Restaurant - Almont Hotel, San Jose St. (International cuisine, tel: 815-4174, 342-5464 & 342-5263)
  • Boulevard Fastfood - Montilla Blvd. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 44-9182)
  • The 24-hr. Embassy Restaurant - Montilla Blvd. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 44-8883 & 225-2200)
  • Jovens Grill - Montilla Blvd. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 44-9681 & 225-4481)
  • La Terraza Cuisine - Montilla Blvd. cor. Villanueva St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 44-8172 & 225-3187)
  • Weegols Grillhaus - Montilla Blvd. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 225-3187)
  • BXU Barbecue - J.C. Aquino Ave. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 46-3175)
  • Dahikan - J.C. Aquino Ave. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 41-5302)
  • Friend’s Kamalig (Filipino cuisine, tel: 225-2189)
  • The Garden - J.C. Aquino Ave. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 225-2512)
  • Ivy Eatery - A.D. Curato St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 342-5636)
  • Jet’s Restaurant/Pop Garden - Jet’s Inn, Montilla Blvd. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 41-5162)
  • Lutong Bahay Ni Aling Cora - cor. R. Calo St. and Capitol Ave. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 342-5831)
  • Tony’s Place, Pub Disco and Restaurant - Villanueva St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 45-3365)
  • Red Apple Restaurant - A.D. Curato St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 44-9127 & 225-3414)
  • Potpourri Fastfood & Restaurant - A.D. Curato St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 225-2407)
  • Tita’s Café - P. Burgos St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 342-3055)
  • Tree Garden - 7 P. Burgos St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 341-6606 & 225-3438)
  • Weegols Garden - Do-ongan (Filipino cuisine, tel: 45-3258)
  • New Mansion House - E. Luna St. (Filipino cuisine, tel: 41-5313)
  • Batangueno Restaurant - Langihan Road (tel: 342-6076)
  • Lucianna Inn & Restaurant - J. Rosales Ave., San Jose (tel: 342-3294)
  • New Narra Restaurant - E. Luna St. (tel: 342-5515)
  • Smoking Grill Restaurant - Doongan Road (tel: 341-4961)
  • Tony's Place Pub Disco & Restaurant - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-5665)
  • VJ's Sports Bar - Luz Village (tel: 341-1220)
  • Shakey’s - cor. Montilla Blvd. and Lopez Jaena St.(pizza, fried chicken, pasta)
  • Jollibee - Gaisano Butuan Mall, Aquino Ave. (tel: 815-6184; 815-6835 & 341-6835)
  • Jollibee - J.C.Aquino cor. Montilla Blvd. (tel: 815-6185; 342-5372 & 342-5222).
  • Rendezvous Disco Club - Villanueva St.
  • Tipp-Topp Disco - Villanueva St. (tel: 45-3365)
  • Alberto’s - Durano St.
  • Chorusline - cor. R. Calo and Villanueva Sts.
  • Emmanuel KTV Lounge - T. Calo St. (tel: 45-3180)
  • La Terraza Azotea Bar - Montilla Blvd. cor. Villanueva St. (tel: 44-8172 & 225-3187)
  • Mandarin KTV Bar - R. Calo St. (tel: 45-3388)
  • Timeout - Montilla Blvd.
Where to Stay
  • Butuan Royal Plaza Hotel,  a standard-class hotel along T. Calo St., has 34 airconditioned rooms with bath and TV: single (PhP400), double (PhP500), de luxe and suite (PhP1,200).  It also has a restaurant.   Tel: 341-5125, 44-8824, 225-2064 & 225-2068.
  • Hotel Karaga, a standard-class hotel along Montilla Blvd., has airconditioned rooms with bath and TV:  de luxe single (PhP600-1,300) and double (Php700-1,400), suite (PhP1,600) and Maharlika suite (PhP2,500).   It also has a restaurant.   Tel: 805-6105, 341-5405, 342-8387, 342-5610, 225-3889 & 816-6105.  Fax: 341-5260.
  • Almont Hotel, an economy-class hotel at the Montalban Bldg. along San Jose St. in Rizal Park, has 14 airconditioned rooms with bath (standard single/double, standard/executive suite and presidential suite), restaurant, coffee shop and function room.  Tel: 815-4174, 342-5464 & 342-5263.  Fax: 341-5010 & 225-2164.   Manila booking office: Room 1120, Cityland/Herrera Towers, 98 Herrera corner Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City.  Tel: 817-5751 & 887-1348.  Fax: (632) 845-0680.
  • Balanghai Hotel & Convention Center, an economy-class hotel at Malvar Subd., Brgy. Doongan, near the city hall, has 43 aircon rooms with bath and TV (de luxe room, blue lagoon suite, de luxe suite, executive suite, presidential suite), restaurant, coffee shop, KTV bar, swimming pool, ballroom and three function rooms (100, 200 and 2,000-pax).  Tel: 342-3064-66, 225-5559 & 815-1193.  Fax: 342-3067.  Manila booking office: Tel: (632) 932-7265.
  • Carl Patrick's Hotel, an economy-class hotel, has airconditioned rooms with bath and a restaurant.   Tel: 45-3255 & 225-2808.
  • Echelon Plaza Hotel, an economy-class hotel along Villanueva St., has airconditioned rooms with bath (standard single/double, superior, de luxe and suite) and a restaurant.  Tel: 815-4292, 815-9612, 341-5245 & 225-2297.
  • Embassy Hotel, along Montilla Blvd., has 28 airconditioned rooms with bath: single (PhP300-400), double (PhP400) and suite (PhP500).  It also has a 24-hr. restaurant.   342-4883, 44-8883, 225-2200 & 225-2141.
  • Emerald Villa Hotel, along Villanueva St., has 32 rooms with bath: non-airconditioned single (P350) and double (PhP450) and airconditioned single (PhP450) and double (PhP550).  It also has a restaurant.  Tel: 44-9376-77 & 225-2141.
  • Butuan Fortune Inn I, a tourist inn along Concepcion St., has 24 airconditioned single/double rooms with bath.   225-3418 & 44-9056.
  • Butuan Fortune Inn II, a tourist inn along P. Burgos St., has 24 airconditioned rooms with bath (single, double, de luxe).   Tel: 44-8861, 7-1417 & 225-3417.
  • Butuan Luxury Hotel, a tourist inn at cor. T. Calo and Villanueva Sts., has airconditioned rooms with bath (single/ double/triple, matrimonial).   Tel: 44-9366 & 225-2357.
  • Jet's Inn, a tourist inn along Villanueva St., has 12 airconditioned single/double rooms with bath and a restaurant.   Tel: 41-5162.
  • Luciana Inn, a tourist inn along J. Rosales Ave., San Jose, near the plaza, has airconditioned rooms with bath (single, double, family, superior).   Tel: 225-6050, 342-3293 & 342-3295.
  • Almont Inland Resort, along J.C. Aquino Ave., has 12 airconditioned rooms with bath, cable TV and minibar (8 de luxe and 4 suites), restaurant (Manay Maling’s), barbecue grillerie (Kitcharao), bar (Magallanes, Game Room), gameroom, swimming pool, convention/banquet facilities and tennis court and offers safety deposit boxes, airport transfer, babysitting, currency exchange, massage, airline booking/confirmation and 24-hr. room service.   Tel: 342-7414, 226-4995 & 815-2199.   Fax: 342-9524.  Manila booking office: Room 1120, Cityland/Herrera Towers, 98 Herrera corner Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City.  Tel: 817-5751 & 887-1348.  Fax: (632) 845-0680.
  • A&Z Lowcost Lodging House II, at cor. P. Burgos and San Francisco Sts., has non-airconditioned rooms.
  • Butuan Resort Inn, along Km. 3 in Baan, has airconditioned rooms with bath.   Tel: 42-8449.
  • Century Hotel, along Villanueva St., has airconditioned rooms with bath and a restaurant.
  • Elite Hotel, at the corner of Concepcion and San Jose Sts., has non-airconditioned rooms with or without bath and airconditioned rooms with bath.
  • The 2-storey Gardenville Hotel, at Basic Homes, Km. 3, Baan, has 18 airconditioned rooms with bath: 15 deluxe twin (PhP900) and 3 de luxe suites (PhP1,100-1,650).  It also has a restaurant, coffee shop and offers safety deposit boxes, laundry, transportation and room service.  Tel: 342-5103, 342-8449 & 45-3143.
  • Hensonly Plaza Hotel, a lodging house along San Francisco St., has non-airconditioned single rooms (PhP100), non-airconditioned single/double rooms with bath (PhP250), airconditioned single (PhP280) and double (PhP380) rooms with bath and a restaurant.   Tel: 342-5866, 815-3467, 44-8866 & 225-2040.
  • Imperial Hotel, a lodging house along San Francisco St., has non-airconditioned single rooms with bath (PhP170) and airconditioned single (PhP280) and double (Php330-450) rooms with bath.  Tel: 815-3457 & 341-5319.
  • Lucky Inn, along R.D. Calo St., has 25 rooms (airconditioned single/double/triple and non-airconditioned single/double).   Tel: 44-9383.
  • New Narra Hotel, at 1100 R. D. Calo St., Brgy. Bading, has 19 rooms with bath (airconditioned single/double and non-airconditioned single) and a restaurant.
  • Delton Lodge II (lodging house) - Montilla Blvd.
  • El Mundo Lodge (lodging house) - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 225-2006)
  • Mavel's Lodge (lodging house) - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 42-8433)
  • New Grace Lodge (lodging house) - Montilla Blvd.
  • A&Z Lowcost Lodging House - Langihan Road, near the bus terminal
  • Cades Lodge - Langihan Road, near the bus terminal
  • Family Lodge 2 - Langihan Road, near the bus terminal (tel: 42-8659)
  • SM Tourist Lodge - Langihan Road, near the bus terminal
  • Oriental Lodge 1 - 1st St., Guingona Subd. (tel: 42-8444)
  • Oriental Lodge 2 - 7th St., Guingona Subd.
  • Beehive Motel - Brgy. Bancasi (tel: 43-5592)
  • Butuan Lodge - Lopez Jaena St.
  • Delta Lodging House - Zamora St.
  • Delton Lodge - cor. T. Calo and Concepcion Sts.
  • Family Lodge 1 - R.D. Calo St.
  • Julian's Inn - Narra Road (tel: 43-5682 & 225-5317)
  • Mitz Lodge - Pili Drive
  • Nelson Lodge - R.D. Calo St.
  • Quimagada Training Center - Brgy. Bancasi (tel: 43-5592)
  • SM Tourist Lodge 2 - Rosales St.
Where to Shop
  • The Langihan Premium Market, at cor. Langihan Road and Satorre St., is the biggest public market in the city.
  • Amadeo Lim Commercial Comlex - Imadejas Subd.
  • Asia Link Central Mall - Jose C. Aquino Ave.
  • The Butuan Mini-Market, along G. Flores Ave., is located near the city proper.
  • Crown Thrifty Mart - cor. Jose C. Aquino Ave. and Montilla Blvd.
  • Otis Superstore - cor. Jose C. Aquino Ave. and Montilla Blvd.
  • Gaisano Butuan Mall - Jose C. Aquino Ave.
  • Mancao Square - San Jose St.
  • Mancao Supermarket - San Jose St.
  • Mancao Superpalenke - San Jose St.
  • Cristian Boutique & General Merchandise - Marcos Calo St. (tel: 46-3208)
  • Keysa’s Boutique - Marcos Calo St. (tel: 44-9124)
  • Joan’s Boutique - Marcos Calo St. (tel: 335-2385)
  • J. Men’s Boutique - Marcos Calo St.
  • Taurus Gift Shop - Marcos Calo St. (tel: 225-4285)
  • Irish Boutique - Joveva Bldg., J.C. Aquino Ave. (tel: 45-3249)
  • Shoebee Fashion & Gift Shoppe - J.C. Aquino Ave.
  • Tiffany’s Gift Shop - J.C. Aquino Ave. (tel: 43-5465)
  • Annie’s Giftshoppe - San Jose St.
  • Pinky Gift Shop - Romanaville Bldg., San Jose St. (tel: 42-8006)
  • Christine’s Boutique - P. Burgos St.
  • Erika Boutique - G. Flores Ave. (tel: 225-2405)
  • M&M Boutique - A.D. Curato St.
  • Three Rose Fashion Shop - A.D. Curato St.
  • Azura Enterprises - Aala Bldg., Conception St.
  • Penshoppe Boutique - Conception St.
  • Anjeline’s Boutique - G/F, Urios Gym, R. Calo St.
  • Family Time - San Francisco St.
  • Hook ‘n Thread Handicraft - 1st St., Guingona Subd.
  • Needleworks & Frames -1/F, Fantasia Bldg., T. Calo St.
  • Rococo Ceramics Artwares - cor. Arujville and Jose C. Aquino Ave. (tel: 44-9553)
  • Arellano Rattan Craft - Langihan Road
  • Butuan Cane Products - Imadejas Subd.
  • Manzano Rattancraft - 7th St., Guingona Subd.
  • Palmera Promenade - Jose C. Aquino Ave.
  • Robinsons Place - Brgy. Bayanihan
  • Ruana Canewood - Jose C. Aquino Ave.
  • Ronwood Commercial Complex - J. Rosales Ave.
  • Unicity - North Montilla Blvd.
How to Get There


Air Philippines has one daily 2.5-hr. flight from Manila via Cebu City using Boeing 737-200 aircraft.  Philippine Airlines has one daily 787-km./90-min. flight to Manila using Boeing 737 aircraft and two 224-km./50-min. flights to Cebu City using Fokker 50 aircraft.

Bancasi Airport is located at Brgy. Bancasi, 6.5 kms. (a 10-min. drive) west of Butuan City.  It has an 8,000-ft. long paved runway.  

Airline Ticket Offices:

  • Cebu Pacific Air - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 341-8879 & 341-6958)
  • Cebu Pacific Air - Bancasi Airport (tel: 341-7519)
  • Philippine Airlines -  Bancasi Airport terminal (reservation/ticketing, tel: 341-5156, 341-5257 & 226-4777 local 6328,  fax: 341-5144)
  • Philippine Airlines - Mamerto Dy Bldg., M.H. del Pilar St. (tel: 7-2607, 341-5156 & 341-5257)


Destinations (Butuan City to:)

  • Cebu City (Cebu): (10-12-hrs., Bisaya Shipping Lines, Sulpicio Lines, Trans-Asia Shipping Lines)
  • Jagna (Bohol): (5-7-hrs., Trans-Asia Shipping Lines)
  • Cagayan de Oro (Misamis Oriental): (Sulpicio Lines)

Shipping Line Ticket Offices:

  • Cebu Ferry - Jose C. Aquino Ave., Km. 3, Brgy. Libertad (tel:  815-9736 & 341-8874, fax: 341-5805)
  • Gothong Lines - South Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-7573 & 342-7546)
  • Sulpicio Lines - Bading (tel: 342-5790-91)
  • WG&A Superferry - Montilla Blvd. South (tel: 44-8878)
  • WG&A Superferry - Km. 3, Jose C. Aquino Ave., Brgy. Libertad (tel: 342-9529, 225-3135 & 225-2045, fax: 815-3090)


Philtranco buses ply the 45-hr. Manila-Surigao City route via the Pan-Philippine Highway including the ferry from Matnog (Sorsogon) to  Allen (Northern Samar) and from Liloan  (Southern Leyte) and Surigao City (Surigao del Sur).  From there you can get buses for Butuan City.

Distances (Butuan City to:)

  • Cagayan de Oro City (Misamis Oriental): 189 kms. (3.5 hrs., Bachelor Express and Ceres Liner, minibuses and jeepneys)
  • Gingoog City (Misamis Oriental): 74 kms. (minibuses and jeepneys)
  • Davao City (Davao del Sur): 348 kms. (6 hrs., Bachelor Express, Ceres Liner and Mintranco)
  • Surigao City (Surigao del Norte): 123 kms. (2 hrs., Bachelor Express, Dennis Overland, Nembusco, Philtranco and Superlines)
  • Iligan City (Lanao del Norte): 300 kms. (5 hrs., Fortune Lines)
  • Prosperidad (Agusan del Sur): 56 kms. (Bachelor Express, Ceres Liner and Mintranco)
  • Talacogon (Agusan del Sur): (Superlines and Superstar Lines)
  • Bayugan City (Agusan del Sur): (Superlines)
  • San Luis (Agusan del Sur): (Superstar Lines)
  • Tandag (Surigao del Sur): (Bachelor Express and Superstar Lines) buses ply the Butuan City- route.
  • Gen. Santos City (South Cotabato): (Bachelor Express)

The Butuan City Integrated Bus Terminal for Cagayan de Oro City, Surigao City and Davao City is located at Langihan.  Tel: 225-3036.  First trip is at 3am and last trip at 5 pm.

Tourist Information Center
  • City Tourism Office - City Hall, Brgy. Do-Ongan (tel:  225-4041, 342-5601 & 342-7729)
  • City Mayor's Office - City Hall (tel:  815-1195 & 342-3074)
  • Third Sunday of January (Kahimunan Festival, St. Anne)-  features indigenous games for men, women and children, lovely and spectacular street dancing, a fluvial procession that takes place in the Agusan River and Sta. Ana Abayan baroto race where bancas race against the current.
  • May 1-31 (Balangay Festival, St. Joseph) - this month-long festival features street dancing, trade fairs, carnivals, a beauty contest (Mutya Hong Butuan), concerts, sporsfest and St. theaters.  The Paukyaban, from May 11 to 30, features species of indigenous plants and flowers in unique landscapes.
  • August 1-2 (Adlaw Hong Butuan) - the city's Charter Day, it features cultural programs, boat race, “Outstanding Butuanon” awards, beauty contest, competitions and a fluvial parade. The Palagsing Festival, on August 2, is a competition for the making of the longest and best-tasting palagsing.
  • Allied Bank - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-5365, 815-4414 & 2-2527, fax: 342-5363)
  • Bank of America - Montilla Blvd.
  • Equitable Bank - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-7056)
  • Green Bank - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 341-4168)
  • Landbank - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 341-5944)
  • Philippine National Bank - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-8239 & 342-5801, fax: 342-5800).
  • Equitable PCI Bank - G/F, Unit 1-14, Gaisano Butuan, Jose C. Aquino Blvd. cor.Jose Rosales Ave.
  • Equitqble PCI Bank - Montilla Blvd. near corner Lopez Jaena St. (tel: 342-4069).
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-5151 & 225-2098, fax: 342-5252)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - Capitol Drive (tel: 341-7547)
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation - Lopez Jaena St. (tel: 341-1152)
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation - E. Luna St. (tel: 341-9093).
  • Banco Filipino - A.D. Curato St. (tel: 342-5028)
  • Bank of Commerce - S.M. Osin Bldg., San Francisco St. (tel: 342-9321)
  • Chinabank - San Francisco St. (tel: 341-7445)
  • Metrobank - San Francisco cor. P. Burgos St.
  • Philippine Veterans Bank - San Francisco St. (tel: 342-9010)
  • Development Bank of the Philippines - Jose C. Aquino Ave. (tel: 341-5136)
  • Prudential Bank - Jose C. Aquino Ave.(tel: 341-6119)
  • Westmont Bank - Jose C. Aquino Ave.
  • First Consolidated Bank J. Rosales Ave. (tel: 342-8382)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - G/F, St. Joseph Parish Hall, E. Luna St. (tel: 342-8624, 225-4602, 225-2080, 342-8311 & 341-5135, fax: 815-4090).
Police Assistance
  • Tel: 167 (PNP Headquarters Emergency)
  • PNP Provincial Command - (tel: 161)
  • City Police Station - J.C. Aquino Ave. (tel: 166)
Medical Assistance
  • Butuan City Medical Center - Langihan Road (tel: 342-5499 & 341-7460)
  • Butuan Doctor’s College & Hospital - Jose C. Aquino Ave., Brgy. Bancasi (tel: 342-7000 & 342-5194, fax: 815-3184)
  • Butuan Maternity Hospital & Puericulture - San Jose St. (tel: 341-9104)
  • E.R. Ochoa Hospital - San Jose St.
  • Lozada Hospital - (tel: 341-5078)
  • Manuel J. Santos Hospital - Montilla Blvd. (tel: 342-0808 & 342-5830)
  • Provincial Hospital - Brgy. Libertad(tel: 341-5129).
  • Aala Medical Clinic - Aala Bldg. (tel: 341-3558)
  • Archie Brodith Clinic - Estacio Village (tel: 342-5248)
  • Butuan Polyclinic - M. Calo St. (tel: 341-5809 & 225-2204)
  • Clinica Butuan - (tel: 342-5704)
  • Dr. Ana Marie Esopiritu Clinic - A.D. Curato St. (tel: 342-5246)
  • Dr. Claudio Estacio Clinic - Estacio Village (tel: 342-8047)
  • Dr. Uldarico Uriarte Clinc - Jose C. Aquino Ave. (tel: 342-8626)
Fire Assistance
  • City Fire Department - (tel: 160)
  • Mercury Drug - A.D. Curato St..



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