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Places to See
  • The Church of St. Vincent Ferrer, as well as the convent, were first built with wood by Dominican Fr. Manuel Mora in 1804.  Its gradual construction was continued by Fr. Manuel Sucias (1813-1824), Fr. Juan Alvarez del Manzano (1833-1835), Fr. Joaquin Flores, Fr. Benito Foncuberto (1836-1840) and Fr. Jose Ibañez (1836-1840).  Both were extensively damaged during the 1863 earthquake.  The present stone structures, with its galvanized iron roofs, already existed by 1869.   During World War II, the church’s roof was ruined and later repaired.  The façade was also damaged during the July 16, 1990 earthquake. The bell tower is a later addition.
  • Geo Farm, in Brgy. Mangayao, has ecologically-sound integrated Appropriate Technologies. 
  • Lake Mangabul is the site of the Mangabul Fishing and Hunting Park, the biggest fishing sanctuary in the province.
  • The Pangasinan State University-College of Education, formerly called the Central Luzon Teachers College, was once referred to as a “Normal School.” During the revolution, the first national anthem was sung here by Gen. Aguinaldo’s forces.
Brief History
  • Bayambang was formerly called Malunguey and Baluguey
  • It existed as early as early as 1614 and was a visita of Binalatongan (now San Carlos).  
  • Bayambang became an independent parish in 1619
  • In 1899, during the Philippine-American War, it was made a temporary capital by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo.
  • In the early days, the area used to be forest land with many alibangbang trees (Bauhinia malabarica).  When visiting Spanish arrived in the area, they inquired about the name of the small, stocky trees.  Finding it difficult to pronounce, much less remember, they shortened it to the much easier “Bayambang” and later used it to name the town.  Its name was also said to have been derived from the once abundant but now extinct balangbang plant.

Bayambang is the birthplace of:

  • Carmen C. Velasquez (August 7, 1913-1994) - national scientist in parasitology.
General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 183.05
  • Population (2000): 96,609
  • No. of Barangays: 77
  • Income Class: Second
  • District: Second
  • Zip Code: 2423
  • Area Code: 075
How to Get There
Distances (Bayambang  to:)
  • Manila: 180 kms.
  • Lingayen: 36.1 kms.
  • Basista: 8 kms.
  • Malasiqui: 13 kms.
Tourist Information Center
  • Mayor’s Office – Municipal Hall (tel: 592-2030)
Medical Assistance
  •  Bayambang District Hospital



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