Towns and Cities

This provincial capitol is the province’s main (and largest) town and its ferry port.  Jordan is the site of a sugar refinery, mango-processing plant and bulk-loading sugar and molasses terminal.

Places to See
  • The Bala-an Bukid Shrine, in Brgy. Hoskyn, near the town and main port, means “Holy Mountain.”  A 30-minute climb up a stairway from Punta Bundulan, at the foot of the hill, leads to a huge lighted white cross and chapel or Shrine of Ave Maria Purisima at the top.  It attracts many pilgrims during Holy Week.  There is a good view of Iloilo City and the Iloilo Strait.
  • Jordan’s Town Plaza is the smallest in the Philippines.
  • The Trappist Abbey, in Brgy. San Miguel, was founded in 1972 and is the first and only one of its kind in the country and in the Orient.  The Trappist (or Cisterians of the Most Strict Observance) monks called Guimaras the “Island of a Happy Man.”  They grow Philippine lemon (kalamansi), takes care of the Aeta community through the Contemplative Outreach Program, pioneers fruit processing in the province (mango, cashew, kalamansi and guava become excellent jam, chutney, prunes, wines, marmalade and jelly) and adhere to a vow of silence.  Tel: 581-3393 & 581-3385.
  • Isla Naburot, in Brgy. Sinapsapan, is a tiny 2.5-hectare coral islet owned by antique collectors Pons and Alice Saldaña.  Located southwest of Brgy. San Miguel, it has a beautiful white sand beach, cave, colorful tropical coral and rich marine life ideal for snorkeling.  The island is a 45-min. boat ride from Iloilo City.
  • Ambakan Falls (Brgy. Poblacion)
  • Balcon Falls (Brgy. Balcon Melliza)
  • Gacita Beach
  • Higante Cave (Brgy. Espinosa)
  • Macopo Falls (Brgy. Sta. Teresa)
  • Natagong Beach (Brgy. Lawi)
  • Sadsad Falls (Brgy. Sta. Teresa)
Brief History
  • Jordan was formerly a part of Buenavista
  • It established as a municipality on January 1918
  • The town was named in honor of St. John the Baptist, its patron saint, who was said to have saved the inhabitants of the town from slaughter during a Moro raid.

Jordan is dry from November to April and wet the rest of the year. Average monthly temperature is 27.13 degrees Celsius

Location and Topography

Jordan, on the western part of Guimaras Island, is bounded by Buenavista on the north, San Lorenzo on the east and Sibunag on the south.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 304.8
  • Population (2007): 32,524
  • No. of Barangays: 14
  • Income Class: Fourth
  • Zip Code: 5045
  • Area Code: 033
Where to Stay
  • Ave Maria Islet - Brgy. Lawi (cel: 0920-6275570)
  • Baras Beach Resort, in Brgy. Lawi, has 11 non-air-conditioned cottages with bath (2 single, 9 double), restaurant, bar, private beach, billiards, indoor sports and offers day tours, snorkeling, Hobie-Cat sailing and boating. Cel: (0917) 241-1422.
  • Bucoy Cave - Brgy. Balcon Maravilla (cel: 0918-4824389)
  • Colmenaras Mountain Hotel and Beach Resort, in Brgy. Hoskyn, is located 2 kms. west of the town and halfway to Bondulan Point.  It has 27 non-air-conditioned rooms with bath, cottages with bath, restaurant, three swimming pools, function room, disco, private wharf, 16-hectare trek and hiking area and offers windsurfing and boats for hire.  Tel:  321-1654, 321-0890 & 321-1545. Fax: 321-0880.  Cel: (0920) 715-5967.
  • Guimaras Adventure Park - Brgy. Aloguisoc (cel: 0906-8731535 & 0916-8219023)
  • Higante Cave - Brgy. Espinosa (cel: 0919-8219023)
  • Isla de los Remedios - Brgy. Lawi (tel: 320-9630, cel: 0919-7226328)
  • Isla Resort, on Isla Naburot, Brgy. Sinapsapan, was opened in 1986.  It has 10 unique cottages with bath, four non-air-con rooms, restaurant, private beach and offers fishing equipment.  Tel: 321-1654 & 321-0890. Cel: (0920) 927-5372. Fax: 321-0880.  Iloilo City booking office: Tel: 7-6561, 7-0716, 7-6616, 7-5925 & 7-8471.  Fax: 7-6744.
  • Natago Beach Resort – Brgy. Sinapsapan (cel: 0917-3029906 & 0915-8284144)
  • Small Wings Pension Inn - Brgy. San Miguel (cel: 0916-5561632)
  • Villa del Emperatriz - Brgy. Tambobong
  • Vista del Rey - Brgy. Alaguisoc
  • Zemkamps Chalet - Brgy. San Miguel (tel: 237-1388, cel: 0920-2630466 & 0919-5870162).
How to Get There


The main wharf is in Brgy. Rizal while its RORO Wharf is in Brgy. Hoskyn.  The 25-min. Jordan-Iloilo City ferry departs from the Muelle Loney Wharf near the Iloilo City Post Office every 30 mins.. There are also scheduled Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) car ferry trips.


Brgy. McClain has a feeder airport for chartered flights.

Tourist Information Center
  • Municipal Tourism Office - Municipal Hall (tel: 581-3445 & 238-1331)
  • January 28 (San-aw Festival)
  • May 15-22 (Manggahan sa Guimaras) - promotes Guimaras as “Mango Country.”  It features a food festival trade fair, exhibits and is highlighted by a parade of muse-carrying karosas followed by street dancing of contesting tribes dressed in colorful mango-inspired costumes.
  • Good Friday (Ang Pagtaltal) - the Visayan version of the Oberammergau (South Bavaria, Germany) passion play, is held.  It features in a 1-km. long procession of devotees in biblical attire, accompanied by flagellantes performing penance and depicting the journey of Christ to Calvary as it winds up nearby Bala-an Bukid to the large white cross at the summit.
Police Assistance
  • PNP Provincial Headquarters - Brgy. Alaguisoc (tel: 581-3341 & 581-3142)
  • Jordan Police Station - Poblacion (tel: 581-3367)
  • Police Assistance Center - Jordan Wharf
Medical Assistance
  • Guimaras Provincial Hospital (75 beds) - Brgy. San Miguel (tel: 581-3331)



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