Towns and Cities
Places to See
  • The Freedom Shrine, topped by the equestrian statue of Gen. Francisco del Castillo, contains the tomb and memorial to the 19 heroic martyrs of Aklan who, during the revolution, were executed on March 23, 1897.
  • Tigayon Hill, about 3 kms. from the town, in Brgy. Tigayon, is the town's only promontory and a refuge during the revolution.  Set against the flatlands near the Aklan River, it has a wide and airy cave with a flat, rocky floor on the side of the hill.  The cave has an arched entrance and stalagmites.  Mass is said here with a table-like rock formation used as an altar.   At the summit of the hill is Fatima Chapel.  Surrounded by caimito, mahogany, narra and fire trees and reached via a 137-step stairway, it has a panoramic view of the Aklan River, Kalibo and the neighboring towns.   It also has a Way of the Cross
  • The 70-hectare Bakhawan Eco-Park, along the town's outskirts, is a recipient of numerous awards and Kalibo’s number one tourist attraction.  A bamboo footpath takes one through a mangrove forest crossing the mouth of the Aklan River and out into the beach.  It also has picnic cottages, a watchtower, seafood restaurant, souvenir shops and a children’s playground.
  • Piña Village showcases the Aklanon heritage of weaving pineapple fibers into piña cloth.
  • Ati-Atihan Village, in Brgy. Buswang, showcases the making of the Ati; from costume design to costume creation.  Here, visitors can dress up and have a picture taken as an Ati; complete with make-up.
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, together with the convent, were both completed in 1826 but the convent was destroyed during a fire on May 24, 1885 and reconstructed the following year. In 1947, the church was reconstructed and remodeled by Manila Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes and, after damage during the June 14, 1990 earthquake,was restored and improved by Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes.
  • Gray sand beaches stretch almost 7 kms. from Brgys. New Buswang to Mabilo.  They include Bougainvilla Beach (4 kms. northeast), Buswang Beach, Caano Beach (Brgy. Caano) and Lambingan Beach (Brgys. Pook and Andagao, 3 kms. northwest).
  • Museo it Akean (Aklan Museum), across Pastrana Park, at cor. S. Martelino and Archbishop G. Reyes Sts., is the housed in the century-old, Spanish-era Estuylahan it Hari (“School of the King”).  Before World War II, it was a movie theater showing silent films and later a building of the Kalibo Institute.  During the War, it was converted into a Japanese garrison.  After the war, it was turned into a trial court sala and a warehouse before it was recently renovated and converted into a museum.  The museum showcases the history and remains of the old civilization of Minuro it Akean as well as contemporary local art.
Brief History
  • The province's oldest town, Augustinian missionaries established Kalibo in 1581.
  • It was formerly called Aclan
  • The town's present name was derived from the local word sangka libo meaning “one thousand,” the number of inhabitants when the datus from Borneo came

Elegant and high-quality sinamay cloth, made from a native pineapple plant specie believed to grow only in Aklan province, is a highly-prized gossamer cloth woven by crude but unique wooden and bamboo hand looms in Brgy. New Buswang.  The town is also well-known for its rattan, bamboo and pandamus handicrafts as well as intricately woven abaca bags and shoes.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 50.75
  • Population (2010): 75,888
  • No. of Barangays:16
  • Income Class: First
  • Zip Code: 5600
  • Area Code: 036
Where to Dine
  • Jollibee - Casa Felicidad, Martilino cor. Archbishop Reyes St., Poblacion (tel:  262-2323, 262-2424, 268-7205 & 268-6811)
  • Jollibee - G/F, Gaisano City (tel: 262-8000 & 268-9888).
Where to Stay

For those visiting the capitol town for its Ati-Atihan Festival, there are a number of places to stay for local and foreign tourists to choose from.  You have to book well in advance or be there 2-3 weeks before the event.  You can also contact the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Homestay Association (c/o KAMB, Kalibo Tourism Office, Magsaysay Park).   Tel: 268-4110, 262-3241 & 262-3079.    Fax: 268-4120. If all the hotels, inns and lodging houses are full, they can arrange, through their homestay program, for a reliable private household that can accommodate you.

  • Hibiscus Garden Club & Hotel, a Class “A” resort in Andagao, has 3 airconditioned and 5 non-airconditioned rooms, with or without bath, a garden restaurant, bar (Captain's Bar), conference room and a swimming pool.  It also offers laundry service.   Tel:  268-4488 & 268-4093.
  • Beachcomber Inn, along N. Roldan St., has 20 airconditioned rooms with bath, cable TV and phone (3 economy, 6 standard, 10 deluxe and 1 suite), coffee shop, function room (Molave) and offers land transfer, communication and laundry service.   Tel: 262-4846.    Fax: 268-4765.
  • Glowmoon Inn, along S. Martellino St., has 6 airconditioned and 9 non-airconditioned single/double/family rooms (with or without bath), a restaurant, conference room, souvenir shop and a drugstore.  It offers laundry service.   Tel: 868-5167 & 262-3073.
  • Lucius Inn, along Airport Drive, Pook, has 5 airconditioned rooms.    Tel: 268-6017 & 262-3112.
  • Syclair Hotel & Restaurant, at Old Buswang, has 11 airconditrioned rooms with bath and cable TV, restaurant and a tennis court.    Tel: 268-5298.
  • Agzam Resort, at Linabuan Norte, south of Kalibo, near the highway, has 11 airconditioned rooms with bath and cable TV and a swimming pool.   Tel:  268-3793 & 268-6031.
  • Aklan Tourism Training Institute, at Old Buswang, has 21 airconditioned and 4 non-airconditioned rooms with bath.    Tel: 268-4723 & 262-4692.
  • Aziza Travel Lodge, Bar & Restaurant, at the Capitol Site, has 14 rooms (airconditioned and non-airconditioned), a restaurant, bar, 200-pax function room and a tennis court.   Tel: 268-5297.  
  • B&H Traveler's Inn, along Rizal St., has 13 airconditioned rooms with bath and cable TV (with ref for executive rooms), a restaurant and a bar.    Tel: 268-3806.
  • Castilian Plaza Travel Inn, along D.P. Maagma St., has 17 rooms (airconditioned and non-airconditioned) and a coffee shop.
  • C9 Traveler's Lodge, along Toting Reyes St., has 1 airconditioned and 7 non-airconditioned rooms.   Tel: 268-4680 & 262-4210.
  • Garcia-Legaspi Mansion, at 159 Roxas Ave., has 4 airconditioned (standard, de luxe, family, PhP600-1,800) and 3 non-airconditioned (single, double, Php400-500) rooms with bath.   Tel:  262-5588, 262-321 & 262-3756.
  • Gervy's Gourmet Lodge, along R. Pastrana St., has 10 non-airconditioned rooms and a restaurant.     Tel: 262-4190.
  • The Green Mansions, along M. Laserna St., has dorm beds and non-airconditioned rooms with or without bath.
  • GZ Travel Lodge, at 314 XIX Martyrs St., has 2 airconditioned and 6 non-airconditioned rooms.    Tel: 262-4381.
  • Hotel Casa Felicidad Alba, cor. Archbishop G. Reyes and S. Marcelino Sts., has 8 airconditioned single/double rooms, a restaurant (La Madrid Hall), ballroom (Coconut), coffee shop (Café Blanca) and a function room (Palacio Real).   Tel: 268-4846 & 268-4320.
  • JV Lodge, at Burgos St. cor. Veterans Ave., has 5 non-airconditioned double rooms.
  • Kalibo Queen’s Inn, at Diapo Compound, along Toting Reyes St., has 16 airconditioned rooms with bath, restaurant, coffee shop and function hall.    Tel: 262-5188 & 262-5788.
  • Kalibo Youth Hostel, along D.P. Maagma St., has 4 airconditioned, 1 non-airconditioned and two 10-pax dorm-type rooms.    Tel: 268-5368.
  • La Esperanza Pensionne & Hotel, along Osmeña Ave., near the Ceres Bus Terminal, has 18 airconditioned rooms with bath, TV and phone (with whirlpool bath and fridge at the Arellano Suite), 2 non-airconditioned rooms, 2 dorm-type rooms and a coffee shop (Café Arellano).    Tel: 262-5658.    Fax: 262-3989.
  • Little Glowmoon Inn, along F. Quimpo St., has 3 airconditioned and 4 non-airconditioned rooms.    Tel: 268-4765 & 262-3072.
  • LM Plaza Lodge, at 19 F. Quimpo St., has 13 non-airconditioned rooms with or without bath and 4 airconditioned rooms with bath.
  • Luvilla Lodge, at Kalibo Airport, has airconditioned rooms with bath.    Tel: 662-4233.
  • Marietta Apartel, along Roxas Ave., has 4 airconditioned single/double rooms with bath, 4 non-airconditioned single/double rooms with or without bath, restaurant/bar (Calesa), coffee shop (Lucky Mother's) and a souvenir shop.    Tel: 262-3353.
  • Petit's Place, at 101 C. Laserna St., has 5 non-airconditioned rooms.
  • RB Lodging House, along R. Pastrana St., has 7 non-airconditioned single/double rooms with or without bath and 1 airconditioned single/double room with bath.   Tel:  268-5200, 262-4860 & 262-4155.
  • Shemaja Inn, at 647 Mabini St., has 2 airconditioned rooms.   Tel: 268-6585, 268-3929 & 268-3022.    Fax: 268-3931.
  • Suburbia Garden Hotel, at Tigayon, south of Kalibo, near the highway, has 11 airconditioned rooms.   Tel:  262-5462.
  • Villa Acacia, along D.P. Maagma St., has 4 airconditioned and 4 non-airconditioned rooms.   Tel: 268-5536 & 268-4110.
  • Villa Atong-Atang Hotel & Restaurant, along C. Laserna St., has 16 airconditioned and 10 non-airconditioned rooms with bath, restaurant, function room and a beauty parlor.    Tel: 262-4860 & 268-4972-73.
  • Yasul's Lodging Inn, along Roxas Ave. cor. C. Laserna St., has 2 airconditioned and 1 non-airconditioned room.    Tel: 262-4635 & 268-5772.
  • C.T. Lodge - Archbishop G. Reyes St.
  • D'Warehouse Karaoke Disco Restaurant & Lodge - Veterans Ave. (tel: 662-3816)
  • Lemon Lodge - Gen. Luna St.
  • Villa Griselda Inland Resort - Tigayon (tel: 262-3773)
Where to Shop
  • Gaisano City Kalibo - Roxas Ave. Ext., Andagao
How to Get There

Distances (Kalibo to:)
  • Iloilo City: 186 kms. (Ceres Liner, Delmabel Tours, GM’s Liner, Paradise Island Transport )
  • Roxas City (Capiz): 90 kms. (GM’s Liner and North Star Transport)
  • San Jose de Buenavista (Antique): 175 kms.
  • Libertad (Antique): (Ceres Liner)
  • Buruanga: (Ceres Liner)
  • Brgy. Caticlan (Malay): (Ceres Liner, Delmabel Tours, GM’s Liner, Island Star Express, North Star Transport, Southwest Tours)
Philtranco buses ply the Manila-Kalibo route including the RO-RO ferry from Batangas City (Batangas) to Calapan City (Mindoro Oriental) and Roxas (Mindoro Oriental) to Brgy. Caticlan (Malay)
Bus Terminals:
  • Ceres Liner - Osmena Ave. (tel: 268-4028)
  • Delmabel Tours - Osmena Ave. (tel: 262-4024)
  • GM's Liner - Osmena Ave. (tel: 268-5786)
  • Island Star Express - Kalibo Airport (tel: 262-4385 & 262-2777)
  • North Star Express - Osmena Ave. (tel: 268-8584)
  • Paradise Island Transport- Osmena Ave. (tel: 268-7200)
  • Southwest Tours -Kalibo Airport (tel: 268-5602 & 268-5100)

Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines plies the Manila-Kalibo route.
Airline Ticket Offices:
  • Air Philippines -  Kalibo Airport (tel: 262-5555 & 262-8888, fax: 262-2777)
  • Cebu Pacific Air - Kalibo Airport (tel: 262-5407 & 268-7336)
  • Philippine Airlines - Kalibo Airport (tel: 262-3263 & 262-3260)

A number of shipping lines have offices in Kalibo.

Tourist Information Center
  • Municipal Tourism Office - Magsaysay Park (tel: 262-1020, 268-4110, 262-3241 & 262-3079, fax:    268-4120 & 262-3241)
  • January 16-22 (Ati-Atihan Festival, Holy Child) - this extraordinary, spectacular, 300-year old celebration, held in honor of the Sto. Niño, Kalibo's patron saint (said to have saved the town from Moro raiders),is a mixture of pagan and Christian elements.  This exuberant festival attracts an estimated 50,000 local and foreign tourists yearly.  Flights to and from Kalibo, as well as the town’s hotels and pension houses, are fully booked at this time.  Make early reservations.   Members of local barangays and organizations form tribus (“tribes”), each with its own striking costume made from local materials like coconut shells, feathers and fronds.  Participants also blacken their faces with soot and imitate the Atis (Aklan’s Negrito inhabitants).  One of the most exciting and exuberant festivals in the country, the Ati-Atihan is invariably described by many as the “Mardi Gras of the Philippines” or the “country’s greatest party.”  The electrifying atmosphere is a swirl of riotous color, steady drinking, reverberating drumbeats and cries of Hala Bira! and Viva kay Señor Sto. Niño (“Long Live the Holy Child”) as participants dance the Ati-ati, a ritual dance with different movements. It reaches a glorious, unrestrained crescendo on Sunday when the largest procession makes its way to the church.  Foreign, as well as, local visitors are also enticed to join in the dancing, drinking and the uninhibited revelry.   The festival also features a beauty pageant (Miss Kalibo Ati-Atihan), fireworks display, a Purchase of Panay re-enactment, 9-day novena, field mass, pahilot (or paeappak, an old faith healing tradition), cockfight derbies, crafts fair and a torch parade and procession.
  • June 24 (St. John the Baptist)
  • Equitable PCI Bank - G/F, Legaspi Bldg., Roxas Ave. (tel: 268-8610 & 262-7000-01)
  • Keppel-Monte Bank - Roxas Ave. (tel: 262-4253-54)
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation - Roxas Ave. (tel: 268-5108)
  • Prudential Bank - Roxas Ave. (tel: 262-3013 & 268-4921, fax: 262-4035)
  • Metrobank - Roxas Ave. (tel: 268-4106, 262-3028 & 262-4852)
  • Allied Bank - Martelino St. (tel: 262-3015)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands -19 Martyrs cor. S. Martelino St. (tel: 268-1088, 262-3504 & 268-5218, fax: 500-7040)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - S. Martelino St. (with ATM, tel: 262-3303-04 & 268-4319, fax: 262-3008).
  • Development Bank of the Philippines - Capitol Site (tel: 262-3568 & 262-5249)
  • Landbank - Osmeña Ave. (tel: 268-4289)
  • Philippine National Bank - Pastrana St. (with ATM, tel: 268-5262 & 268-4918, fax: 262-1769).
Police Assistance
  • Kalibo Police Station - 19 Martyr’s St. (tel: 166)
Medical Assistance
  • Aklan Cooperative Mission Hospital (25 beds) - Roxas Ave. Ext., Brgy. Andagao (tel: 268-3855 and 262-3926)
  • Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital (100 beds) - Mabini St. (tel: 268-4917 and 262-4224)
  • St. Gabriel Hospital - PHCMPC (50 beds) - Pastrana St. (tel: 262-7193)
  • St. Jude’s Hospital (25 beds) - 1377 F. Quimpo St. (tel: 262-4880 and 262-3290)
Fire Assistance
  • Kalibo Fire Station - Veterans St. (tel: 160).



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