Towns and Cities
Places to See
  • The Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park, with the imposing 2-storey American-era Provincial Capitol Building as its centerpiece, is located along Rizal St..
  • The Sorsogon National High School Main Building, formerly the Sorsogon Provincial High School, is located at the corner of the intersection going to Bacon District and Gubat town. Built in 1908, the building was used to incarcerate captured Filipino guerillas during the Japanese occupation.
  • Old Spanish-era watchtowers are located at the Bacon District (a 15-min. drive from the city) public market (built in 1799 with bastions called intramuros, in poor condition), another by the sea (hexagonal in shape, in ruins), and others at Manlabong and Montufar Point.
  • Tulong Gapo Beach, located at Bacon District, 73 kms. from Legaspi City and 2 kms. past the old watchtower, is derived from the word meaning “three stones” (actually three naturally formed, pyramid-shaped rocks in the sea used for diving). Legend has it that the three large stones are that of a boy, a cat and a carabao who were turned into stones when they were struck by lightning. It is a local folk belief that you should  never play with a cat when there is a thunderstorm as you risk being struck by lightning and be turned into stone.This beach has nice views across to Rapu-Rapu Island (Albay).
  • Libanon Beach, in Brgy. San Juan, has fine black sand and a seaside hill studded with huge, craggy black rocks believed to have been spewed by Mayon Volcano whose peak can be viewed from the beach.
  • Long Beach, at Bacon District, is located beyond Tulong Gapo Beach
  • Pajul Beach (Bacon District)
  • Lake Danao, is located at an elevation of 610 m..
  • The small and picturesque Paguriran Island, just off the excellent white beaches of Brgy. Buenavista, can be reached by a motorized banca, either from the district center (a 40-min. ride) or from Buenavista (a 20-min. ride). The island has a lagoon (formerly a sanctuary for giant sea turtles or pawikan) at its center enclosed with a craggy rock wall. The waters surrounding the island are a marine sanctuary.
  • Bato Caves, in Brgy. Bato, are located 9 kms. beyond Tulong Gapo Beach. Archaeological excavations in two of the three limestone caves of Bato Caves in 1959 by Dr. Robert Fox have unearthed late Neolithic artifacts dated to 100 BC such as stone tools, blades, bowls, drinking cups, burial jars, strung shell beads and nautilus shell spoons.  These are now in the National Museum in Manila.
  • Bucal-Bucalan Cold Spring (Brgy. Bucal-Bucalan)
  • Palhi Spring
  • The 25,100-hectare PNOC Eco-park, a mountainous forest reservation maintained and secured by the Philippine National Oil Company-Energy Development Corp. (PNOC-EDC), straddles the Sorsogon-Albay boundary. The geothermal facility, known as the Bacon-Manito Geothermal Plants I and II (or simply, BacMan), is a 13-km. drive up a winding road. Within the Bacon District side of the eco-park are the picturesque Botong Twin Falls (a few kilometers away from the PNOC Base Camp), several lakes (Lake Osiao in Mt. Osiao; Pulog Lake in Mt. Pulog). There are also numerous springs everywhere, such as the Twin Springs of Mt. Puting Bato, one of which spews out hot spring water, while the other produces icy cold spring water. It is home to wild flora (wild orchids, giant ferns, etc.) and fauna (monkeys, deer, wild boar, etc.). Getting around the park entails hiking along numerous winding trails and steep climbs.  Sheer rock faces, found in many parts of the eco-park, are a challenge for rock climbers.  There are also mystical caves that will surely delight any spelunking enthusiast. For trained and accredited mountain guides and plotting a safe trail, contact the Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Center in Sorsogon City to make arrangements with the management of PNOC.
  • The Highway Rest Area, in Brgy. Bucal-Bucalan, affords the weary traveler a refreshing view of Sorsogon Bay with Mt. Bulusan looming in the distance. This rest area has a landscaped mini-park, with restrooms complete with a view deck. A few meters away, native stalls sell fresh blue crabs, seashells, and other seafood.
Brief History
  • Sorsogon town was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1840.
  • On January 20, 1899, during the Philippine-American War, the American troops under Gen. William Kobbe captured Sorsogon.
  • On August 16, 2000, Sorsogon and Bacon town were united to form a component city by virtue of Republic Act No. 8806 and approved by a plebiscite held in December.
Location and Topography

This provincial capital and cultural and commercial center lies on the head of the slender neck of land that joins the province's two parts separated by sheltered Sorsogon Bay (known for its luscious blue crabs).  Sorsogon City is bounded by Albay Gulf on the north, Gubat and Prieto Diaz on the east, Castilla and the Albay town of Manito on the west and Sorsogon Bay on the south.

General Information
  • Area (sq. km.): 354.8
  • Population (2000): 134,678
  • No. of Barangays: 64 (8 urban)
  • Income Class:  Fourth
  • District: Second
  • Zip Code: 4700
  • Area Code: 056
Where to Dine
  • Dahon Saging - Rizal St. (tel: 211-2525)
  • Graceland - Rizal St. (tel: 211-1062)
  • Jane’s Restaurant - Rizal St. ( 211-2067)
  • Kalundan Seafood - Fernando Mall, Rizal St. (tel: 211-1573)
  • Jollibee - Magsaysay St. (tel: 211-5555 & 211-9999)
  • Acacia Grill - V.L. Peralta St. (tel 211-1486)
  • Brownies - (tel: 211-1910-11)
  • Calundan Restaurant - Parehas St. (tel: 211-1573 & 211-1357)
  • Casa Dominga - Brgy. Balogo (tel: 211-2922)
  • Kambak_Kambak Seafood - Brgy. Bibincahan (tel: 211-4014 & 421-5449)
  • Kim’s Food Palace - De Vera St. (tel: 211-1492)
  • Manoy’s - (tel: 211-2507)
  • Mike and Jerry - (tel: 211-2161)
  • Plato’s - (tel: 211-4156)
  • Quick and Hearty - Magsaysay St. (tel: 211-1622 & 211-1614)
  • Sky View Bar - (tel: 211-1466)
  • Tajji’s Restaurant - (tel: 211-1172)
Where to Stay
  • The 2-storey Fernando's Hotel, an economy-class hotel along N. Pareja St. in Brgy. Bitan-o, has 24 aircon rooms with bath and cable TV (standard, de luxe, PhP1,600-3,250), seafood restaurant (Kalundan), videoke bar, 450-pax aircon conference hall (Vicenta Hall) and garden patio and offers whale-watching, diving and town tours.  Tel: 211-1357.  Fax: 211-1573.
  • Dalisay Lodge, at 182 V.L. Peralta St., Brgy. Burabod, has non-aircon rooms with or without bath and a restaurant.  Tel: 211-1330.
  • Fritz Homestay, at Block 21, Executive Village, has aircon rooms with bath and cable TV, swimming pool and dining room with bar.  Tel: 211-5502.  Cel: (0921) 396-0852.
  • M.A. Bistro Lodging House, along V.L. Peralta St., has non-aircon rooms and a restaurant.
  • Mercedes Country Lodge, at cor. Rizal and V.L. Peralta St., has non-aircon rooms.
  • Andy’s Point Apartelle - Rizal St., Brgy. Piot (tel: 211-1678)
  • Diocesan Formation Center Dormitory - Bishop's House Cmpd., Magsaysay St.
  • El Retiro - Brgy. Cabid-an
  • Greenwood Apartel - Bibingkahan
  • Hotel Villa Arnedo-Guevarra (pension house) - Flores St. (tel: 211-1498)
  • Lacson's Rest House
  • La Vista Resort Hotel - Alegre St., Jimenez-Tan Subd., Brgy. Burabod (tel: 211-1888)
  • Maharlika Lodge - V.L. Peralta St.
  • Mahogany Lodge - Narra St., Sts. Peter and Paul Ville Subd., Brgy. Bibincahan (tel: 211-1370)
  • Mayorga Pension House - Brgy. Pangpang (tel: 211-1130 & 211-1492)
  • Olympus Hotel - Burgos St. (tel: 211-1260)
  • Sorsogon Pension - Brgy. Bibincahan
  • Villa Kasanggayan Pensione - Rizal St., Dalipay (tel: 211-1330 & 211-1275)
  • Dino's Cottages - Bacon District
  • Fisherman’s Hut - Caricaran, Bacon District
  • Padaraw Beach Resort - Bonga, Bacon District
  • Pagol Beach Resort - Bacon District
  • Palhi Spring Resort - Palhi Spring
Where to Shop
  • Leslie’s Pili Products and Handicrafts - Fernando Mall, Rizal St.
  • SPA Souvenir Shop - Fernando Mall, Rizal St. (tel: 211-4790)
  • Alfa Headwear & Accessories - Capitol Compound (tel: 211-1221)
  • SOCIPECO - Capitol Compound (tel: 211-3420)
  • Sorsogon Home Enterprises - Rizal St.
  • Tia Berning’s Handicraft and Pili Candies - Rizal St. (tel: 211-1544 & 211-1646)
How to Get There


Distances (Sorsogon City to:)

  • Manila: 604 kms. (12.5 hrs., Batangas Laguna Tayabas Bus Co., Columbus Liner, Elavil Transit, Inland Trailways, J.B. Bicol Express Line and Philtranco buses)
  • Legaspi City (Albay): 62 kms. (1.5 hrs., J.B. Bicol Express Line and Philtranco buses)

Bus Terminals:

  • AMA Transit - (tel: 211-1069)
  • Batangas Laguna Tayabas Bus Co. - (tel: 211-3798)
  • Cul Liner - (tel: 211-1053)
  • JB Bicol Line - Magsaysay St. (tel: 211-1205)
  • Philtranco - (tel: 211-1359)


The city has an airport with a 3,200-ft. long unpaved runway located at Bacon District.

Airline Ticket Offices:

  • Philippine Airlines - Peña Bldg., 3 Rizal Ave. (tel: 211-1849)
Tourist Information Center
  • City Tourism Office - City Hall (tel: 211-1335, 211-7950 & 211-4286)
  • June 20-29 (Pili Festival) - pays tribute to the Bicol Region’s premier fruit nut, the pili, with a street pageant that shows the many delicious attributes of the nut.
  • October 10-17 (Kasanggayan Festival) - this weeklong festival coincides with the province's foundation day.  Kasanggayan is a Bicolano word for “prosperity and happiness.”  It features cultural shows, agri-trade fair, beauty contest, sports festival and painting competition and is highlighted by a street presentation of the inimitable Bicol courtship dance (Pantomina sa Tinampo, above) which imitates the bird’s courtship movements.
  • Allied Bank - Magsaysay St. (tel: 211-1485 & 211-2027)
  • Chinabank - Magsaysay St. (tel: 211-1610)
  • Equitable PCI Bank - Jomil Bldg., Magsaysay cor. Rizal St. (tel: 211-1821)
  • Metrobank - Magsaysay St. (tel: 211-1833)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - UCPB Bldg., Magsaysay cor. Rizal St. (tel: 211-1732, fax: 211-2058)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - Arellano Bldg., Rizal St. (tel: 211-1447, fax: 421-2100),
  • Development Bank of the Philippines - Divina St. (tel: 211-1381 & 211-2079)
  • Land Bank - (tel: 211-1595)
  • Philippine National Bank - Rizal St., Burabod (with ATM, tel: 211-1649, fax: 211-1142)
Medical Assistance
  • MMG Sorsogon Hospital - (tel: 211-1861)
  • St. Peter & St. Paul Hospital - (tel: 211-2904)
  • Sorsogon Municipal Hospital - (tel: 211-2277)
  • Sorsogon Provincial Hospital - (tel: 211-1580)



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