Towns and Cities
Places to See
  • The Death March Marker, at Camaya Point, Brgy. Cabcaben depicts a bayonet thrust to the ground with a helmet symbolically slung over the rifle butt.
  • The Balong Anito Hot Springs, located 5 kms. from the town, is an extinct volcanic crater from which a sulfuric spring flows.
  • Aeta Settlement (Bian-an)
  • The Bataan Economic Zone, the country’s first Export Processing Zone, was started in 1969 and is now a 735-hectare major industrial center.  This free-trade area offers duty-free imports of raw materials, capital equipment and supplies, plus tax incentives and a pool of inexpensive skilled labor have attracted local as well as American, Japanese and other foreign multinational corporations.  It hosts the San Miguel Malt Plant, electronic assembly plants, garment factories and the largest oil refinery and petrochemical complex in the country. It also has the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the BEPZ Commercial Center, the Cinema and Bowling Complex, a wet market, a golf course with clubhouse and the Marina Yacht Club.
Brief History
  • There are two versions of the town’s name.  One states that it came from maraming dilis or the “abundant anchovies” caught in the waters surrounding it.  It was later shortened to mara-dilis and eventually to its present name with the passage of time.   Another version is based on the forbidden love between beautiful Maria Velez and a priest from Manila.  The two eloped to a lush forest but were caught by authorities and separated.  Maria became a nun while the priest was banished to a remote village in Mexico.  To immortalize this legend, the lush forest was named Mariveles.
  • Mariveles was formerly called Camaya
  • This early Spanish settlement was a refilling stop for merchant ships before coming to Manila Bay.
  • Chinese pirate Limahong also briefly stopped here for fresh water and supplies prior to attacking Manila.
  • During World War II, Mariveles was a temporary camp for captured Filipino and American soldiers.
  • It was designated as the first Export Processing Zone in 1969.
Location and Topography

Located at a cove at the southern tip of the Bataan peninsula, Mariveles is situated under the shadow of 1,388-m. high Mt. Mariveles. It is bounded on the north by Bagac and Limay, on the west by the South China Sea and on the east and south by Manila Bay.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 153.9 (12% of total land area)
  • Population (2007): 102,844
  • No. of Barangays: 18
  • Income Class: First
  • District:  Second
  • Zip Code: 2105
  • Area Code: 047
Where to Stay
  • Allegros Resort
  • Bangya Hotel Bataan Hilltop Hotel, along Hilltop Drive, BEPZ Compound, has 38 rooms (twin, de luxe, single, junior and executive suites), restaurant and convention facilities.   Tel: 561-2114-15.    561-3888.
  • Bay Spring Resort has airconditioned, 2-bedroom villas, 3 swimming pools, 100-pax pavilion and 12-pax picnic cottages.
  • Kamaya Point Hotel (Brgy. Alasasin)
  • Luzon Baptist Camp
  • Piazza Hotel, an economy-class hotel at the Baseco Compound, has 22 rooms (airconditioned double rooms with bath and TV, suites), restaurant, swimming pool, night club/disco, 100-pax function room, sauna, beauty parlor and barber shop.   Tel: 935-4044, 935-4452 & 561-3620.
  • Talaga Public Beach
  • Villa Carmen Beach Resort (Brgy. Cabcaben)
  • Villa Imperial
  • Vista Corregidor Resort Hotel (Brgy. Cabcaben)
  • White Beach Resort
How to Get There


Distances (Mariveles to:)

  • Manila: 173 kms. (3 hrs., via the North Luzon Expressway, Gapan-Olongapo Road and Roman Highway, Bataan Transit, Genesis Transport Services, Panther Express, Philippine Rabbit, Philippine Rapid and Victory Liner)
  • Balanga City: 47 kms. (minibuses)


Jet Ferries ply the 90-min. Manila-Mariveles route (1 morning and 1 afternoon trip).  The departure area is located at the PTA Bay Cruise Terminal Area (Old Hoverferry Terminal) at the Cultural Center Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City.

  • September 10 (St. Nicholas of Tolentino)
  • Philippine National Bank - Luzon Ave., BEZ, PEZA (tel: 561-2160, fax: 935-4070)
Medical Assistance
  • Mariveles Health Services Cooperative Hospital (12 beds)
  • Mariveles Mental Hospital



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