Towns and Cities
Places to See
  • The town’s charming, century-old Cathedral of St. Dominic is located at the heart of the town.
  • Bangan Hill, which is being considered as a National Park, was where Fr. Pedro Freire celebrated the First Mass on April 12, 1739, marking the formal official birth of the town of Bayombong. During the Lenten season, a reenaction of Christ’s Crucifixion is held here.
  • Hacienda Antonio is an old Spanish estate owned by Tabacalera, a tobacco corporation.  It has a magnificent and old main building with floors of wide polished planks, spacious high-ceiling rooms and verandas.  It is located 8 kms. from the national highway.
  • Malabing and Alayan Caves, located in the Malabing Valley, are “living caves” covered with forest trees and wildflowers.  They have spacious halls with stalactites and stalagmites and a one-km. long underground creek near the entrance with cool, clear waters leading to the other side of the hill.  It is accessible from Solano through the Malabing circumferential road or a 6-hr. hike from the Runruno-Papaya Road.
  • Bansing Falls (Brgy. Bansing)
Brief History
  • The first inhabitants of Bayombong were the Ifugaos from the neighboring mountain provinces, followed by the Gaddanes from Daruyat, Angadanan, Isabela and Amanga, Cagayan and the Mallaates also of Isabela. The Malaates settled at Paitan while the Gaddanes established their communities at the Calepquep Hills (now a part of Vista Alegre Hill).
  • However, the Gaddanes were fierce, more concentrated and frowned on the influx of other ethnic groups. They drove away the Ifugao who retreated back to their original abode and are now settlers of today's lfugao Province.
  • Bayombong was established as a mission center called Bayanan in 1637 by Spanish Augustinian friars and officially founded in 1739.
  • It was turned over to the Dominicans in 1740 and was made the capital upon the province’s creation in 1856.
  • Bayombong was originally situated in the southeastern part of the present barangay of La Torre where the Buyumbung River passes through.
  • The Gaddang inhabitants transferred it near the present Barangay Paitan because of frequent Ifugao attacks.
  • The town’s name was said to have been derived from the Gaddang word bayongyong, which means confluence of a mighty river that passed through the original settlement.  When the Spaniards came, they changed it to Bayombong. Others say that it was derived from the bayongyong, a 2-m. long bamboo water container used by the Malaates to carry fresh water from wells built along the river banks.
Location and Topography

This provincial capital is situated along the banks of the Magat River. lt is bounded on the north by Solano, on the east by the Magat River and PalaIi Mountains, on the south by Bambang and on the west by the Bangte and Liri Mountains. The town is protected from destructive flooding by a nearby mighty boulder dam.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 136  (3.10% of total land area)
  • Population (2010): 57,416
  • No. of Barangays: 25
  • Income Class:  First
  • Zip Code: 3700
  • Area Code: 078
Where to Dine
  • Bacolod Grill - National Road
  • Breads and Bites Restaurant
  • Fracasso Pizza, Pasta and More – National Highway, Brgy. Magsaysay
  • FTM (Food Trip Manin) Food Fiesta Restaurant, along the National Highway, offers Filipino and Chinese dishes.  Tel: 321-2572
  • Highlander Hotel and Restaurant – National Highway
  • MC Capitol View Inn and Restaurant – National Road, Brgy. District IV
  • Moana's Grill – Maharlika Highway
  • Ohashi Japanese Restaurant - Saquing St., Brgy. Don Tomas Maddela
  • Quadro Cafe - Saber Inn, National Highway
  • Rambakan Grill Restaurant – National Highway, Brgy. Magsaysay
  • Red Orange Resto Bar Grill - Saquing St. cor. National Road
  • Saber Inn and Restaurant - National Road, Brgy. District IV
  • Sports City Hotel and Restaurant – National Highway, Brgy. Sta. Rosa
  • Woodbridge Pizza – National Road
Where to Stay
  • Banaue Mountain Resort - Brgy. Busilac
  • Bayombong Hotel and Restaurant
  • Cordillera Resort
  • Gambito Resort – Brgy. Luyang
  • Highlander Hotel and Restaurant – National Highway
  • Juel's Travellers's Inn, a tourist inn along the National Highway, has 9 airconditioned and non-airconditioned single/double rooms, restaurant, function room, video room and grocery.  Tel: 321-2452.
  • LEXA Travel Lodge - Bonfal, National Road
  • Luciana’s Inn - National Road (tel: 321-2444 & 805-3444)
  • Saber Inn and Restaurant, a tourist inn along the National Highway, District IV, has 29 rooms [airconditioned (single, double, suite, presidential suite) and non-airconditioned single/double], restaurant, function room, videoke/music lounge, disco, multi- purpose pavilion, souvenir shop and boutique.  Tel: 321-3126 & 321-2222.  Fax: 321-1222.
  • MC Capitol View Inn and Restaurant, a pension house along the National Highway, District IV, has 9 airconditioned and non-airconditioned rooms, restaurant and function room.  Tel: 321-2001.
  • Precious Natividad Mountain Resort – Brgy. Masoc
  • Siloah Spring Resort, a Class "A" resort along the National Highway, has airconditioned and non-airconditioned cottages with bath and a restaurant. Tel: 321-2256.
  • The five-hectare Sports City Hotel, a tourist inn at 424 Maharlika Highway, Brgy. Sta. Rosa, has airconditioned and non-airconditioned rooms, restaurant, disco and fastfood center.  Tel: 805-3553, 321-2457 & 321-2459.
  • Tatin's Leisure Farm Resort and Inn - Brgy. La Torre
  • Villa Margarita Mountain Resort, a Class "A" resort in Brgy. Busilac, is located 5 kms. from the poblacion.  Situated on a slope overlooking the Magat River and the Caraballo Mountains, it has 10 airconditioned rooms (single/double/ triple, de luxe, ordinary), 2-storey dormitories, hillside cottages, restaurant, convention hall, clubhouse, spring-fed swimming pools with water slides, citrus plantations, snack house and picnic huts.  Tel: 326-5500-01 & 326-5083.
How to Get There

Distances (Bayombong to:)

  • Manila: 267 kms. (Baliwag Transit buses)
  • Baguio City (Benguet) 229 kms. (Baliwag Transit buses) via Nueva Ecija
  • May 19-24 (Panagyaman Festival) - the province's foundation day, it features a grand parade, street dancing, cultural shows, sports events and an agro-industrial trade fair.
  • August 1-7 (St. Dominic Guzman) - this week-long festival is highlighted by moro-moros, fairs, dancing and feasting.  The festival’s climax is the sumbali, a street dance re-enacting the welcome originally accorded the patron saint and performed by Aeta-like dancers dressed in tribal finery.  After the main show, the “Aetas” make a round of the church and the houses of the town, performing songs and dances for tips.  The final Sunday is highlighted by an all-day moro-moro performance.
  • December 24 - a noise contest is held and prizes are given for whoever produces the loudest bang and most rapid series of explosions.  Kerosene is the favorite fuel.
  • Development Bank of the Philippines - (tel: 326-2170)
  • Philippine National Bank - J.P. Rizal St.  District IV (tel: 321-2454, fax: 321-2278)
Police Assistance
  • Office of Civil Defense - Provincial Capitol (tel: 321-2471 & 321-2115)
Medical Assistance
  • Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital
  • Veterans Regional Hospital (200 beds) - (tel: 321-2090)



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