Towns and Cities

The undisputed center for trade, convention and tourism in Mindanao, Davao City is the fastest growing city in the country, after Manila and is a prime destination for tourism and investments in the Philippines, the BIMP-EAGA (Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Philippines-Malaysia East ASEAN Growth Area) and the Asia Pacific Region.  Acclaimed as one of Asia's most livable cities (by Asiaweek Magazine), it was also awarded the Destination of the Year during Kalakbay Awards (National Tourism Award).  Its fine natural harbor, sheltered by Davao's Samal Island, facilitates its role as an international port.  The city, one of the largest in the world, is 7.8 times the size of Metro Cebu and three times that of the entire Metro Manila.

Places to See
  • City Town, the city center, has two main thoroughfares: San Pedro St. and Claro M. Recto Ave..
  • The old City Hall, along San Pedro St., was the old municipal building built in 1926.
  • The new City Hall is located within Osmeña Park, formerly known as the Plaza, was the site of the settlement of early Davaoeños.
  • Camp Domingo Leonor, along San Pedro St., was the quarters of the Spanish and, later, of American soldiers in the 1920s.
  • The Monument of Peace & Unity, along San Pedro St., was unveiled during the celebration of the Philippine Centennial in 1998.  It depicts the peaceful relationship of the migrant and indigenous inhabitants of Davao in the last 100 years.
  • The Battle Memorial, a historical marker at Mintal Elementary School, commemorates the longest-fought battle between the troops of the American forces and of the Japanese Imperial Army which took place in Mintal, Tugbok District.
  • Fort of Datu Bago, at the junction of Washington St. and Quimpo Blvd., was the site of the bastion of the Muslim hero Datu Bago who lorded over the Tagloc River, the old name of Davao River.
  • Old pre-World War II Japanese houses, warehouses and the site of abaca processing plants are located in Daliao, Toril, 12 kms. from downtown.
  • The Bago Oshiro Experimental Station, in Mintal, is located 14 kms. from the city.  It features projects involving cross-breeding of native fruit trees, along with orchids, ornamental species and abaca plantations.
  • Japanese Peace Memorial Shrine, at Mintal, is where Japanese war veterans and their kin take a pilgrimage to visit this memorial shrine.
  • The Japanese Peace Memorial and Cemetery, in Brgy. Catalunan Grande in Mintal, is located 9 kms. southwest of the city.  Big groups of Japanese war veterans, widows and their kin visit here held in August during Annual Reunion for Peace and the Obon, Japan's version of All Souls' Day.
  • Memorial to a Brave Son, a memorial marker at Gov. Generoso Bridge, was built in recognition of the gallantry of Armando Generoso, who died at the very site of the bridge while defending it from the Japanese invaders during World War ll.
  • Caroland Resort, in Inigo Farms, Bago, is located 13 kms. south of the city.  This 60-hectare bird and wild duck sanctuary is dotted with abandoned huts and is also noted for its fruit orchards and multi-colored carp.  It offers horseback riding, boating and fishing in a hyacinth-filled pond.  It also has tent grounds for mountaineering groups climbing Mount Apo like the National Mountaineering Foundation.    8-1651, 7-8074.
  • The 4.5-hectare Davao Fish Port Complex, at Sitio Daliao, Toril, serves as the center for the collection, processing, storage and packaging of fishery and marine products for distribution to Davao City's area of influence and to the export market.  It is the only transshipment point in the Philippines and is a center of trade within the East Asian Growth Area (EAGA).
  • The 5.4-hectare Crocodile Park, along Diversion Road in Maa, shelters over a hundred of the country's two crocodile species: Crocodylus mindorensis and Crocodylus porosus.   They range from foot-long juveniles to a full grown 18-footer named Pangil   (probably the country's largest living crocodile in captivity). The crocodile farm and nature park also houses rare birds of different colors as well as hawks, wildcats, snakes (including an 11-foot Indian python named Buloy), and monkeys.
  • Marilog District, known for its rugged beauty, is a popular locale for agricultural and eco-tourism.  Located 4,200 ft. above sea level, it has lush ethereal forests and vegetation, amazing caves, waterfalls, rivers and mountain trails for the adventure travelers.   Baganihan Caves, located here, has huge chambers abounding with stalactites and stalagmites.  Small lakes can also be found inside.
  • The Mt. Apo Science Foundation, in Brgy. Eden-Bayabas, Toril, is an Asia Foundation and University of Mindanao-supported college located 27 kms. from the city.  Its sprawling campus is located high and cool on the foot of the mountain and offers good birdwatching and a fine view of Mt. Apo.
  • Nenita Stock Farm, in Marapangi, Toril District, is locally called Pork's Park.  Located 18 kms. from the city, this livestock farm, one of the biggest in the country, breeds pigs, cattle and racehorses on the lower slopes of Mt. Apo.  It also has fruit orchards, organic gardens and offers artificial insemination and hog raising lectures and seminars, horseback and trail riding, fishing and 4 x 4 offroad trailing.  Its Muslim-inspired Malayan House, built in the 1960s, has a panoramic view of the city, Davao Gulf, Mt. Apo and ramie/sorghum plantations. Visit by arrangement with DOT.  Davao City sales office: Damosa Complex, Lanang.  Tel: 234-0582.  Fax: 234-0581.  Manila sales office: 411 Quirino Ave. corner NAIA Road, Parañaque City.  Tel: 833-3988.  Fax: (632) 833-6285.
  • The 80-hectare Eden Nature Park and Resort, in Brgy. Eden-Bayabas, Toril, is located in the southern part of the city, 2,630 feet above sea level towards the foot of Mount Talomo.  It has towering pine and fruit-bearing trees, a cool climate plus a spectacular view of the city, Davao Gulf and beyond.  It also shelters a number of deer, monkeys and Indian peacocks.  Tel: 299-1020, 296-0791 and 299-0313.  Fax: 299-0313.
  • The sprawling Malagos Garden Resort, at Malagos in Baguio District, is nestled on rolling terrain 1,000 feet above sea level.  It has a butterfly sanctuary, natural lagoon, fishpond, a showcase of National Artist Napoleon Abueva's sculptural artworks (Abueva in the Gardens), tall durian trees and rare orchid garden.   Open 8am-5pm.   226-4341 & 560-5129.  Fax: 560-5128.  Davao City sales office: Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants, Bolcan St., Agdao.  Tel: 295-0393, 221-1545 and 227-2288.  Fax: 221-1395.  Manila sales office: Puentespina Orchids and Tropical Plants, Scout Bayoran St., Quezon City. Tel:  (632) 924-2730, 929-9306 & 926-0159.  Fax: 924-1271.
  • Riverford Nature Park, located beside a river in Catalunan Grande, has picnic huts, flower graden, gazebo and rest rooms.  Tel: 224-1835 and 227-1096.
  • The San Pedro Cathedral, built in 1847, has Islamic elements incorporated into its design.  The old altar, featuring antique images of St. Peter and different saints, is preserved at the cathedral's right wing.
  • The Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague, at Matina Heights in Matina, is located six kms. west of the city.  It stands on a hill behind the Davao Memorial Park and contains an open-air chapel, the altars and replicas of sacred images from Prague and Fatima, restaurant, retreat house, seminar hall, pilgrim's hall, children's playground, canteen and souvenir shop.  To get there, take a 10-min. Matina-bound jeepney.
  • Lon Wa Temple, along J.P. Cabaguio Ave., is located 3 kms. in the direction of the airport.  The biggest Buddhist temple in Mindanao, its gold, bronze and Italian marble altars, houses the Buddha with the Thousand Hands, a magnificent statue of the Buddha and his life depicted in wood carving.  A monk will read your fortune from slips of paper, determined by a numbered stick you draw from a container.  It is set amidst a landscape of candle trees and bamboo.
  • Magsaysay Park Complex, along Sta. Ana Ave., is located near the wharf beside an authentic Muslim village with Badjao houseboats and suite houses.  It has an amphitheater, skating rink, children’s playground and restaurants and kiosks.  Tel: 221-7123 and 221-6279.
  • Clifford Park, along Roxas Ave., is located beside Marco Polo Hotel
  • Millennium Park, along Roxas Ave., is located beside Ateneo de Davao University
  • Rizal Park, along San Pedro St., is fronting City Library
  • The five-hectare Greenhills Orchid Farms, at Yuhico Orchid Garden, at Catalunan Pequeño, is the biggest in the city.  Tel: 299-1063 to 65.
  • At the back of Assumption School, along Bolcan St. in Agdao, is Puentespina Orchid Gardens.   Tel: 295-0393, 221-1545 & 227-2288.  Fax: 221-1395.
  • Worldwide Derling Orchids, at 17 Olive Road, Bajada, is located 12 kms. southwest of the city. Tel:  221-3688, 221-3588, 221-6455 & 291-0770.
  • Chua's Orchid Garden (Rubia St., Mintal)
  • Gumban's Orchids (Liceralde Village, Lanang)
  • Mindanao Federation of Cutflower and Plant Growers (Minflo Mart, Brgy. Pampanga, Sasa)
  • The two-hectare Sul Orchids (Luzviminda Village, Ma-a, tel: 244-0653, 244-1229 & 293-0036).
  • Gray sand beaches are located two kms. from the city center.  Its length curves around the city's coastline. Talomo Beach, in Talomo, is located 8.5 kms. south of the city center.  It was the landing site of Japanese and American forces during World War II and sunken vessels, awaiting exploration, lie beneath its murky waters.   It has a number of resorts.
  • Bago Aplaya Beach, located 12 kms. out, also has a number of resorts hugging its fine sandy shores.  Times Beach, in Matina, is located 4 kms. south.  It bustles with Sunday picnickers.
  • Bonguyan Beach
  • Guino-o Beach (Sitio Binugao, Toril)
  • St. John's Beach (Sitio Binugao, Toril)
  • The Philippine Eagle Sanctuary and Wildlife Preserve, at Malagos Gardens, Baguio District, near Calinan, 36 kms. northwest of the city, is a nature park spread over a large forest preserve and planted with different fruit-bearing trees.  It is home to 14 endangered Philippine eagles (Pithecophaga jeffreyi) as well as other indigenous birds (serpent eagles, Brahminy kites and cockatoos) and wildlife (tarsiers, wild deer, pythons).  Tel: 224-3021.   224-3022.  Open daily, 8am-5pm.     To get there, take a 1-hr. drive or a jeep to Calinan from Bankerohan Market.  At Calinan Public Market, take a 30-min. (5-km.) tricycle ride to the center. You can also take a 45-min. airconditioned bus ride from Aldevinco Shopping Center.
  • The Children's Museum, at the corner of Tulip Drive and R. Quimpo Blvd. in Matina, was designed for children to experience, explore and learn the world of modern technology.  It has a computer center, speech center, television and recording studio, library and resource center, mini-theater, mini botanical garden, souvenir shop and canteen.
  • The Dabaw Museum, at Insular Village I, Lanang, is located next to the Insular Century Hotel Davao.  It features dioramas of the Mansaka and the Bagobo, photographs of the city's historic events and history of its pioneering families; ethnological maps, ethnic artifacts from the region's numerous tribes such as weaves, musical instruments, basketry, burial, wedding and war implements, souvenir shop and a gallery of paintings, sculptures and ceramics.  Open Mondays to Saturdays, 9am-5pm. Tel:  235-1876.
  • The Davao Historical Society Museum, at Door No. 7, Magsaysay Complex, features the historical and indigenous collections of the Davao Historical Society such as ethnological artifacts, paintings of local artists and various memorabilia of Davao’s pioneering settlers.
  • The Japanese Museum, in Calinan, 30 kms. southwest of the city center, is a repository of Japanese art and culture.  It features historical accounts of the Japanese community residing in Davao before and during the war including their tools which they used in the abaca plantations (including a vintage abaca stripping machine), currencies, publications, among others.
  • The T'boli Weaving Center, formerly the Mandaya Weaving Center, is a traditional T'boli shelter located behind the Davao Insular Hotel.  It showcases the T'boli highland tribe's lifestyle. Here, women in colorful tribal attire demonstrate their traditional skills in dyeing dagmay (abaca fibers) with root and mud dyes, weaving native cloth (t’nalak) and decorating textiles with intricate figures and patterns depicting the folklore and religion of the tribe.  Tel: 7-6061.
Brief History
  • Davao was founded by Jose Oyanguren on January 29, 1849 and named Nueva Vergara.
  • Davao town was made the capital in 1914.
  • It became a chartered city on October 16, 1936 by virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 51 and formally inaugurated as such on March 16, 1937
Location and Topography

Davao City covers vast tracts of fertile valleys, rolling hills, lush foliage, majestic ridges and pristine beaches.  About 70% of the land is characterized by extensive mountain ranges with uneven distribution of plateaus and lowlands, with four types of vegetation: forest, grassland, swamps and cultivated crops.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 2,443.61
  • Population (2007): 1,464,301
  • No. of Barangays: 170
  • Income Class: First
  • District: Third, Fourth and Fifth
  • Zip Code: 8000
  • Area Code: 082
Where to Shop
  • The Aldevinco Shopping Center, along C.M. Recto Ave., has over 50 boutiques offering native textiles such as t'nalak, tie-dyed Indonesian batik garments, Muslim brassware, native handbags, malongs, beaded bracelets and necklaces and other ethnic-inspired souvenir items and accessories.  Open 9am-6pm.  Some stores open on Sundays.
  • The J.S.Gaisano Mall, along J.P. Laurel Ave., is the city's largest and most modern shopping mall.  Opened in 1997, it has a 3-level department store, an 85,000-sq. m., 5-level mall, 6 first-class cinemas, 8,000 sq. m. supermarket, a 400-sq. m. atrium, fourth level fastfood (Starwalk Food Court) and a six-level carpark  A souvenir shop a the third level showcases producers that specialize in Davao handicrafts.   Tel: 222-1411.
  • The six-hectare Victoria Plaza, also along J.P. Laurel Ave., Bajada, is the largest mixed-use shopping mall development in Mindanao, housing some of the country's leading boutiques, restaurants and entertainment establishments.  Open 10am-9pm.  Tel:  221-4991 to 98.
  • SM Davao is located at the corner of Tulip Drive and Quimpo Blvd..  Tel: 299-1070-77.
  • Davao Central Warehouse Club - cor. of Lapu-Lapu and N. Torres Sts.
  • Gaisano Davao - Bolton St. (tel: 221-2485-86)
  • J.S. Gaisano Citimall - Illustre St.
  • New City Commercial Center - R. Magsaysay Ave. (tel: 227-3149, 227-3450 & 227-2934)
  • University Mall - C.M. Recto Ave.
  • Dizon Farms, at 183 Rizal St., sells an assortment of fresh fruits (durian, mangosteen, etc.) plus pastries (durian yema, tarts and candy, mangosteen candy, etc.).   Tel: 300-8636.
  • Felcris Superstore - R. Magsaysay Ave.
  • Felcris Superstore - Illustre St.
  • Felcris Superstore - San Pedro St.
  • Nieva’s Arts and Crafts, at Felbets Bldg., Km. 7, Lanang, sells ornamental and functional shell, wood and bamboo craft, earthenware in colorful ethnic designs or patterns, costume jewelry and fashion accessories.    Tel: 234-6566 & 235-0392.
  • The T'boli Weaving Center, behind the Davao Insular Hotel, sells T'boli products such as beautifully handcrafted wallets, bags, wall hangings, floor coverings, t’nalak cloth with bells, beads and embroidery, shoes, wall decors, T'boli dolls and other accessories.  Tel:  7-6061.
How to Get There


Distances (Davao City to:)

  • Digos City: 57 kms. (ACFB Bus, Grand Transport , Holiday Bus, Metro Shuttle Bus, Mintranco, Norlins Bus, Tacurong Bus, Weena Express and Yellow Bus Lines)
  • Cagayan de Oro City (Misamis Oriental): 493 kms. (9.5 hrs., Bachelor Express, Ceres Liner)
  • Butuan City (Agusan del Norte): 286 kms. (6 hrs., Bachelor Express, Ceres Liner, Mintranco, St. Benedict Lines)
  • Iligan City (Lanao del Norte): 585 kms. (11.5 hrs., Bachelor Express, Diamond Express, Fortune Express)
  • Kidapawan City (Cotabato): 107 kms. (2 hrs., E.V. Liner, Grand Transport, Jing-Jing Express, Weena Express, Yellow Bus Lines)
  • Mati City (Davao Oriental): 167 kms. (Bachelor Express)
  • Gen. Santos City (South Cotabato): 149 kms. (3 hrs., Bachelor Express, Yellow Bus Lines)
  • Surigao City (Surigao del Norte): 409 kms. (8 hrs., Bachelor Express, Nembusco, Surigao Bus Lines)
  • Cotabato City (Maguindanao): 227 kms. (5 hrs., Mintranco, Weena Express)
  • Dipolog City (Zamboanga del Norte): (Super Five Transit)

The Ecoland District Terminal is located along Quimpo Blvd. in Ma-a, near the market and about 2 kms. south of the city center.  Tel: 6-4093 & 6-4310.

Bus Terminals:

  • ACFB Lines - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Bachelor Express - Maa (tel:  227-1518 & 227-1672)
  • Ceres Liner - (tel: 7-3922)
  • E.V. Liner - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Grand Transport - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Holiday - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Jing-Jing Express - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Metro Shuttle Bus -  Acacia St.
  • Mintranco - (tel: 7-8305)
  • NCTC - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Norlins Bus - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Philtranco - Ecoland District Terminal (tel: 226-2260)
  • St. Benedict - Bugac, Maa (tel: 7-4281)
  • Tacurong Bus - Ecoland District Terminal
  • Weena Express - Ecoland District Terminal (tel: 244-0033-34)
  • Yellow Bus - Bugac, Maa (tel: 244-1250 & 298-0045)


Destinations (Davao City to:)

  • Manila: 969 kms. (1.5 hrs., Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines)
  • Cebu City (Cebu): 398 kms. (1 hr., Philippine Airlines)
  • Zamboanga City (Zamboanga del Sur): 394 kms. (1 hr., Air Philippines, Philippine Airlines)
  • Cagayan de Oro City (Misamis Oriental): 181 kms (30 mins., Philippine Airlines).

Davao International Airport is located at Bangoy between Lanang and Panacan districts, about 12 kms. northeast of the city.  It has a 2,500-meter (8,200-ft.) long and 45-m. wide paved runway.

Airline Offices:

  • Air Philippines - Davao International Airport (tel: 234-2969, 234-3844, 235-0737 and 235-0644, fax: 234-2759)
  • Air Philippines - Valgosons Blldg., City Hall Drive (tel: 222-0127-29)
  • Air Philippines - Gaisano Mall (tel: 222-0127-29)
  • Cebu Pacific Air - Davao International Airport (tel: 233-1921-22)
  • Cebu Pacific Air - Summit World Davao, Inc.2/F,  Victoria Plaza Mall, J.P. Laurel St. (tel: 224-0960-62, fax: 224-0963)
  • Philippine Airlines - Davao International Airport (tel: 234-0073, 234-1514, 234-6434 & 234-2912)
  • Philippine Airlines - P. Reyes St. (tel: 221-5641, 222-0366, 221-5513 and 221-5313)
  • Philippine Airlines - Varichem Bldg., Regina Shopping Center, C.M. Recto St. (tel: 7-3773 & 7-3785)


Destinations (Davao City to:)

  • Manila: (Negros Navigation, Sulpicio Lines and WG&A Superferry)
  • Iloilo City (Iloilo): (WG&A Superferry)
  • Cebu City (Cebu City): (Sweet Lines)

There are two piers.  Sta. Ana Wharf, where most fish catch are unloaded and where interisland ships dock, is just north of the downtown area, next to Magsaysay Park.  Sasa Pier is located a few kms. out of the city.

Shipping Line Offices:

  • Negros Navigation - 21 Manay Rd.,  Lanang (tel: 236-1433)
  • Sulpicio Lines - Leon Garcia St. (tel: 221-5676)
  • Sweet Lines - Leon Garcia St. (tel: 7-8923)
  • WG&A Superferry - Sta. Ana Ave., Sasa (tel: 221-1385, 221-1390 & 222-4239)
Tourist Information Center
  • Department of Tourism Regional Office XI - Door No.7, Magsaysay Park Complex, Sta. Ana District, Magsaysay Ave.. (tel: 221-6955 & 221-6798, fax: 221-0070)
  • Provincial Tourism Office - (tel: 553-8009)
  • City Tourism Office - 2/F, Room 20, City Hall, City Hall Drive. (tel: 222-1956 & 7-8074, fax: 222-1957)
  • March 10-16 (Araw ng Dabaw) - the city's charter day, it features a civic-military parade, carnivals, sports, agro-industrial fair, beauty contests (Mutya ng Davao) and cultural events featuring ethnic exhibits.
  • June 29 (Pistahan sa Dabaw, St. Peter) - features a fair, civic-military parade, religious procession, carnival and cultural exhibits and events.
  • Third Week of August (Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival) - derived from the Bogobo word madayawz meaning “anything that is good,” it is a 2-week long harvest festival where highland tribes come down to the city to perform their traditional dances, songs and rituals.  Highlights include a parade of ethnic groups in native costume, civic-military parade, trade fair, art and cultural presentations, search for B'yaneng Kadayawan and indigenous sports including a horsefight.
  • Allied Bank - San Pedro St.
  • Allied Bank - C.M. Recto St.
  • Allied Bank - Lapu-Lapu St., Agdao
  • Chinabank - C.M. Recto St.
  • Chinabank - R. Magsaysay Ave.
  • Chinabank - J.P. Laurel Ave.
  • East West Bank -  Lot 6, Block 5, Insular Village, Pampanga Buhangin, Lanang (tel: 234-0556 & 234-0726, fax: 234-0866)
  • East West Bank - Lot 81-B, R. Magsaysay Ave., Brgy. 030, Poblacion, Sta. Ana (tel: 221-4021 & 221-0281, fax: 221-0436)
  • Landbank -  C.M. Recto St.
  • Landbank - J.P. Laurel Ave.
  • Metrobank - R.. Magsaysay Ave.
  • Metrobank - Rizal St.
  • Metrobank - Monteverde St.
  • Metrobank - Bankerohan
  • Philippine Bank of Communication -  42 Monteverde Ave. (tel: 221-2140-41,  fax: 226-3867)
  • Philippine Bank of Communication - G/F, Damosa Bldg., Km. 7, Barrio Pampanga, Lanang (tel: 235-3200 & 235-3201)
  • Philippine Bank of Communication - 111 E. Quirino Ave. (tel: 222-4160 & 222-4162,  222-4161)
  • Security Bank -  Anda St.
  • Security Bank - Monteverde St.
  • Security Bank - R. Magsaysay Ave.
  • Solidbank - San Pedro St.
  • Solidbank - R. Magsaysay Ave.
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - J.P. Laurel cor. Cabaguio Aves., Bajada (tel: 224-0707-09,  224-0708)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - C.M. Recto St. (tel:  226-3941, 227-3127 & 227-4619,  fax: 227-3849)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - G/F, Ayala Life Bldg., Insular Village, Lanang (tel:  305-7798, 305-7799 & 305-7800, fax: 234-1087)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - Centerpoint Plaza, Matina Crossing (tel:  296-0669, 296-0643 & 296-0637, fax: 296-0669)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - cor. of San Pedro and Quirino Aves. (tel:  226-3951 & 222-5736,  226-3839)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands - Magsaysay Ave. cor. Bangoy St. (tel:  221-1606, 221-5054 & 221-8139)
  • Equitable Bank - Lapu-Lapu St.
  • Equitable Bank - Socorro Bldg., J.P. Laurel St., Bajada
  • Equitable Bank - R. Magsaysay Ave. cor. Bangoy St.
  • Equitable Bank - Nicolas I Bldg., Quirino Ave.
  • Equitable Bank - 383 Claro M. Recto St.
  • Equitable Bank - R. Magsaysay Ave. cor. Lizada St.
  • Equitable Bank - G/F, KDC Bldg., San Pedro St.
  • Equitable Bank - Monteverde cor. F. Bangoy St.
  • Equitable Bank - Agton St.
  • Philippine National Bank - Amsons Bldg., Leon Garcia St. cor. Aquino Ave., Agdao (tel:  221-7912,  fax: 221-7918)
  • Philippine National Bank - G/F, Quibod Bldg., J. P. Laurel cor. A. Loyola St. (tel: 224-2479, fax: 224-2474)
  • Philippine National Bank - G/F, Amigleo Bldg., cor. Bonifacio and C. Bangoy St. (tel: 221-7539, fax: 221-7540)
  • Philippine National Bank - JLF Parkway Bldg., cor. Quirino and Magallanes St. (tel: 221-8046, fax: 221-8047)
  • Philippine National Bank - San Pedro cor. C. M. Recto St. (with ATM,  tel: 221-7021, fax: 226-2541)
  • Philippine National Bank - BF Bldg., MacArthur Highway cor. Aries St., Matina (tel: 299-2850, fax: 299-2852)
  • Philippine National Bank - Mintrade Bldg., Monteverde cor. Sales St. (tel: 225-5895, fax: 222-0515)
  • Philippine National Bank - Pavino Bldg., Km. 9, National Highway (tel: 233-0583, fax: 233-0584)
  • Philippine National Bank - Bonifacio Tan Bldg., Rosemary cor. Bangoy St., Sta. Ana District (with ATM,  tel: 226-3145, fax: 221-1851)
  • Philippine National Bank - Anecita G. Uy Bldg., Saavedra St. (tel: 291-0029, fax: 291-0028)
  • Unionbank - Bangoy St. cor. Sta. Ana Ave. (tel:  221-2225)
  • Unionbank - Victoria Plaza Complex, J.P. Laurel Ave. (with ATM, tel: 221-4776 & 221-6400)
  • Unionbank - Duterte cor. Pelayo St. (with ATM, tel: 221-3235 & 221-6400)
  • Unionbank - G/F, Valgosons Bldg., C.M. Recto St. (with ATM, tel: 221-6489)
  • Unionbank - University Mall, City Triangle Bldg., C.M. Recto cor. Roxas St. (with ATM,  tel: 305-1792 & 222-2508, fax: 221-6400)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - G/F, DASI Bldg.., J.P. Laurel Ave., Bajada (tel: 222-5916 to 17, 222-5921 and 222-5947, fax: 222-5896)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - UCPB Bldg., R. Magsaysay Ave. cor. Sales St. (tel: 221-2933-35, 226-3605, 226-3950, 227-1894, 227-4941, 227-5708 & 300-7022,  221-7608)
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - Cocolife Bldg., C. M. Recto Ave. cor. Palma Gil St. (tel: 222-0900/01, 222-0903, 221-0732 & 222-0777,  222-0902)
  • Asian Bank
  • Development Bank of the Philippines
  • Philtrust
  • Prudential Bank
  • Republic Planters Bank
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation - C.M. Recto St.
  • Bank of Commerce - Anda St.
  • International Corporate Bank - Monteverde St..
Police Assistance
  • Metrodiscom Operations Center - Camp Domingo Leonor, San Pedro St. (tel: 166)
  • Buhangin Police Station - Buhangin cor. Diversion Road (tel: 241-1000)
  • Calinan Police Station - Calinan (tel: 245-0119)
  • San Pedro Police Station - Bonifacio Circle (tel: 226-4835)
  • Sta. Ana Police Station - beside Magsaysay Park Complex (tel: 300-1244)
  • Sasa Police Station - (tel: 235-2000)
  • Talomo Police Station - Ulas (tel: 297-1598)
  • Toril Police Station - Toril (tel: 291-1633)
Medical Assistance
  • Acosta Clinic (50 beds) – Toril (tel: 291-1635)
  • Alexian Wellness Center - McArthur Highway, Matina
  • Alterado Medical School & Hospital (60 beds) – Villanueva St., Agdao District (tel: 222-3358)
  • Baguio District Hospital - Baguio
  • Baguio/Prinsipe Community Medical Hospital (10 beds) – Baguio Proper, Baguio District (tel: 97-2066)
  • Brokenshire Memorial Hospital - Madapo Hills (tel: 305-3525)
  • Buenaventura Medical Clinic (15 beds) – Lasang (tel: 236-0064)
  • Bullecer Medical & Maternity Center (24 beds) – Rasay St., Toril (tel: 291-0483)
  • Camp Panacan Station Hospital (25 beds) – Camp Panacan (tel: 234-4166)
  • Clinica Feliciano II (32 beds) – Magsaysay Ave. (tel: 295-0070)
  • Clinica Isaguirre (18 beds) – Magsaysay Ave., Calinan (tel: 295-0075)
  • Community Health & Development Cooperative Hospital (25 beds) – Anda Riverside (tel: 221-0852)
  • Davao Adventist Hospital - Bangkal
  • Davao Doctors Hospital (196 beds) – 118 E. Quirino Ave. (tel: 222-8000, 221-2101 & 224-0616)
  • Davao Medical Center (400 beds) - J.P. Laurel Ave. (tel: 227-2731)
  • Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital - Davao Medical Drive, Bajada (tel: 305-3673 & 227-9330)
  • Davao Mediquest Hospital (17 beds) – Kik’s Bldg., Saavedra St., Toril (tel: 291-0229)
  • Davao Sanitorium & Hospital (34 beds) – Km. 7, MacArthur Highway, Bangkal (tel: 298-1692)
  • Dela Cerna Hospital (15 beds) – Mandug
  • Dr. Lorenzo Principe Clinic (12 beds) – Calinan (tel: 295-0233)
  • Fabie Gen. Hospital (50 beds) – cor. Pelayo 7 Rizal Sts. (tel: 227-3686)
  • Gig Oca Robles Seamen's Hospital - R. Castillo St.
  • Guadalupe Medical Clinic & Hospital (24 beds) – Jamin St., San Nicolas, Dalilao, Toril (tel: 291-1049)
  • Holy Spirit of Mintal Clinic (34 beds) – Mintal (tel: 293-0236)
  • Isaac T. Robillo Memorial Hospital (25 beds) – Km. 26, Calinan (tel: 295-0200)
  • Malate Medical Clinic (24 beds) – Toril (tel: 291-0383)
  • Medical Clinic of St. Luke (50 beds) – Calinan (tel: 7-1043)
  • Medical Mission Group Hospital (80 beds) – 3rd Ave., Leon Garcia St., Sta. Ana (tel: 221-9118)
  • Mindanao Heart Center - J.P. Laurel Ave.
  • North Davao Mining Corp. Hospital (12 beds) – Km. 11, Sasa, Maco (tel: 817-0736)
  • Paquibato District Hospital - Paquibato
  • Ricardo Limso Medical Center (78 beds) - Ilustre St. (tel: 226-3688)
  • St. John Hospital (50 beds) – Rasay St., Toril (tel: 291-0365)
  • St. Mary’s Gen. Hospital (67 beds) – Toril (tel: 291-0883)
  • San Pedro Hospital (250 beds) – cor. C. De Guzman and Guerrero Sts. (tel: 221-6127, 221-4950 & 221-2430)
  • Tecarro Polyclinic Hospital (25 beds) – Dakila Drive, Magallanes St. (tel: 227-1545)
Fire Assistance
  • Davao Volunteer Fire Brigade - (tel: 227-5433)
  • Filipino-Chinese Firefighters Foundation - (tel: 222-7211)
  • Sta. Ana Fire Station - R. Magsaysay Ave. (tel: 110)
  • Toril Volunteer Fire Brigade - (tel: 291-0441)
Aerial View of City Francisco Bangoy International Airport San Pedro Cathedral
San Pedro Cathedral (Interior) Old City Hall People's Park
Crocodile Farm (Pangil) New City Hall Commemorative Monument of Peace and Unity
Eden Nature Park Jack's Ridge Resort Victoria Plaza
NCCC Mall Shrine of Holy Infant Jesus of Prague Gaisano Mall



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