Towns and Cities
Places to See
  • Nijaga Park, along Gomez St., is located along and the Calbayog River.  It has multi-colored lanes and pavements made of local stones, a circular fountain, stage, amphitheater and gardens of lush tropical plants.
  • The St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral, the biggest church in Samar, has a telltale dome, spire and thick walls that reveal the blending of Spanish and modern architectural design.
  • The Sacred Heart Plaza, also called the Julio Cardinal Rosales Plaza, is located in front of the cathedral and the City Hall.
  • Bagacay Beach, in Brgy. Bagacay, is located along the national highway, 2 kms. from the city.
  • The palm-fringed, grayish sand and 200-m. long Lo-oc Beach, in Brgy. Malajog, Tinambacan District, is located 7 kms. north of the city.  It has towering rocks at its southern end and three beachfront balconied cottages.
  • Naga Beach, in Brgy. Naga, is located 6 kms. from the city.
  • Baot Beach (Tinambacan District)
  • Malajog Beach
  • The one-hectare Binaliw Island, in Brgy. Binaliw, Tinambacan District, is separated from Calbayog City and the mainland by the Silangan Channel.  It is surrounded by aquifers equally and uniformly spread at the peripheral limits of the islet.  Its deep waters have sea corals of multifarious variety, rare white pebbles spread all over the sea floor and 20 types of ornamental aqua-marine shells.
  • The beautiful and spectacular Bangon Falls, in Brgy. Tinaplacan, Tinambacan District, is the biggest of Calbayog's waterfalls.  It has a 30-m. diameter circular pool wide enough for swimming and deep enough for diving. From Brgy. San Jaoquin, Tinambacan district (where Lologayan Falls is located), it a 20-min. drive Brgy.  Tinaplacan and, from here, a 30-min. hike to the vicinity of the falls.  Follow the stream by ascending to the upper level.
  • The seven-tiered Darosdos Waterfalls is located just outside the city.  Lologayan Falls, in Brgy. San Joaquin, Tinambacan District, is located 30 kms. (a 45-min. drive) from the city plus a 10-min. hike.  According to old folks, this falls once cleansed the hair of a legendary maiden who frequently visited the place to rinse her long hair.  The term lologayan came from the Waray root word logay meaning “to unfold a braided long hair.”  This falls is also a source of potable water.
  • Mawacat Falls, in Brgy. Mawacat, Oquendo District, is the nearest falls (a 20-km./35-min. drive) from the city to Brgy. Mawacat plus a 20-min. hike along a tree-lined foot trail.  This 50-m. long waterfall has a natural, spoon-like formation. One can slide through the mossy lane to the cool inviting pool below.
  • Pan-as Falls, in Brgy. Pilar, Oquendo District, is located 29 kms. north of the city, on the road to Catarman.  It is 1 1-hr. drive from the city proper plus a 30-min. hike from the village.  The falls is the city’s primary source of water.
  • Tabokno Falls, in Brgy. Cagbayang, is located 26 kms. from the city (a 1-hr. drive plus a 40-min. walk.
  • Ton-ok Falls, in Brgy. Sigo, Oquendo District, is located 25 kms. (a 40-min. drive) from Calbayog City.  It is hidden in lush tropical vegetation with the water falling in a series of cataract-like steps.  A mini-hydro electric power plant is located here.
  • Busay Falls (Brgy. Caglanipao Sur)
  • Bugtong Falls (Brgy. Bugtong, Tinambacan District)
  • Larik Falls (Brgy. Tinaplacan, Tinambacan District)
  • Tarangban Falls (Brgy. Tinaplacan, Tinambacan District)
  • The unexplored Danao Cave, in Brgy. Danao I, Tinambacan District, is a 7-chambered, snake and bat-inhabited cave.
  • Tinago-an Cave, in Brgy. Lungsob, Oquendo District, means “hiding place” and was so named because it was the two-year hideout of two men wanted by the guerillas during World War II.
  • Guinogo-an Cave, in Brgy. Lungsob, Oquendo District, is located 16 kms. from the city.  It has a cathedral door-size cave entrance leading into a natural tunnel through uneven ceilings.
  • Mapaso Hot Spring, in Brgy. Rizal II, Oquendo District, is located 16 kms. from the city.  Its waters are hot enough to boil an egg yet it teems with small red crustaceans called pokot.
  • Malopalo Rock Formation
  • The Samar Archaeological Museum and Research Center, at Christ the King College along Magsaysay Blvd., was opened on April 10, 1970 and is the first and only museum on Samar Island.  It has a collection of archaeological artifacts, ancient coins, heirlooms, old household items and religious items such as saints, chalices, altar, pires, and monstrance.
Brief History
  • Calbayog was formerly called Hibatang
  • It was founded in 1600 and was relocated three times.  The first was along the Oquendo River bank (now Barangay Anislag).  Due to flooding, it was relocated to Cahumpan (now Barangay Cahumpan) and finally to Taboc (now Barangay Obrero), which directly faced the Samar Sea.
  • In 1700s, Calbayog appears as a visita of Capul Island in the documents of this century.
  • In 1785, it was raised to parish status almost two decades after the Jesuits had left (1768) and was replaced by the Franciscans.
  • Calbayog town rose to political and religious prominence during the American era, becoming the seat of Roman Catholicism in Samar when the Diocese of Calbayog was created on April 10, 1910 by a decree of Pope Pius X.
  • In 1914 the Franciscans ceded parish administration to the secular clergy.
  • Calbayog became a chartered city on June 15, 1948 by virtue of Republic Act No. 328.
  • According to legend, Calbayog’s name was said to have been derived from the bayog tree which abounded in the area.  They were burned down for fuel and Cal (Spanish for “lime”) was extracted for use in building churches.  From these two words, the Spaniards called the place Calbayog.  Another version states that there was once a man named Bayog whose house had the only path leading to the sea.  Fishermen used to say “Tikang kami kan Bayog” (“We came from Bayog”) or “Makadto kami kan Bayog” (“We shall go to Bayog's”).  A Spanish guardia civil asked for the name of the place and fishermen, mistaking the query for another thing, answered “Tikang kami kan Bayog.”  The Spaniard took the last words “Kan Bayog” as the name of the place.  In time, a lot of tongue-twisting and mispronunciation changed the original name to Calbayog.

Calbayog City is the birthplace of:

  • Benedicto P. Nijaga - a lieutenant in the Spanish Army and Katipunan member, shot in Bagumbayan on January 11, 1898
  • Julio Cardinal Rosales (September 18, 1906-1983) - second Filipino to become a cardinal (1969).

The commercial, industrial and fishing center of the province, Calbayog City is the principal outport (abaca and copra are shipped here) for the province's northern plains

Location and Topography

Calbayog City is bounded by Lope de Vega (Northern Samar) on the north, San Isidro and Bobon (both in Northern Samar) on the northwest, Silvino Lobos and Mondragon on the northeast, Sta. Margarita (Samar) on the southeast, Gandara and Matuguinao (both in Samar) on the east, and the Samar Sea on the southwest.

General Information
  • Area (sq. kms.): 880.74
  • Population (2000): 147,187
  • No. of Barangays: 157
  • No of Districts: 3 (Calbayog proper, Oquendo District and Tinambacan District)
  • Income Class: First
  • District: First
  • Zip Code: 6710
  • Area Code: 055
Where to Dine
  • Cantilena - Magsaysay Blvd.
  • Carlo N’ Carmelo’s - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-3857)
  • Chickey’s Snack Haus - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-1700)
  • Estudio Café de Calbayog - Magsaysay Blvd.
  • JC Food Spot - Magsaysay Blvd. cor. Gomez St. (tel: 209-2699)
  • Mangrove Restaurant - Magsaysay Blvd. ( 209-1484)
  • Manuwel’s Music Lounge - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-1953)
  • Mister Donut - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-4476)
  • Net’s Carinderia - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-1401)
  • New Rebelito’s Refreshment - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-1294)
  • Prince Court - Magsaysay Blvd. (tel: 209-1557).
  • Bernardo’s Refreshment - Rosales Blvd. (tel: 209-1252)
  • Eduardo’s - Rosales Blvd. cor. Pajarito St. (tel: 209-1558)
  • Jondel’s Snack Inn - Rosales Blvd. (tel: 209-2395)
  • Merleen’s Videoke - Rosales Blvd. (tel: 209-3202)
  • 1901 Food & Beverage - Rosales Blvd. (tel: 209-1408)
  • 12-11 Fastfood - Rosales Blvd. (tel: 209-3548).
  • Ann’s Pizza - J.D. Avelino Ave. (tel: 209-4648)
  • Bread Mix Cakes & Coffee Shoppe - J.D. Avelino Ave. (tel: 209-2318)
  • Carlos n’ Carmelo’s - Nijaga St. (tel: 209-1259)
  • Zugba - Nijaga St. (tel: 209-1356)
  • CCBC Fastfood - Bugallon St. (tel: 209-1732)
  • Central Kitchenette - Bugallon St.
  • Joaki’s Grill - Bugallon St.
  • Cake Depot - Gomez St. (tel: 209-2318)
  • Mila’s Kaon-Kaonan - Gomez St. (tel: 209-2931)
  • Sarraf’s Driver’s Place - Gomez St. (tel: 209-2307)
  • Tony’s Fastfood and Restaurant - Gomez St. (tel: 209-4200)
  • Alta Grill - Brgy. Capoocan (tel: 209-2822)
  • Kabayan Eatery - Brgy. Capoocan (tel: 209-4584)
  • Kaun Kit - Brgy. Capoocan (tel: 209-3924)
  • Kamalig Music Lounge - Brgy. Rawis (tel: 209-1430)
  • Sea Rock - Brgy. Rawis (tel: 209-6046)
  • Dee n’ J Hyacinth Seafood Restaurant - Brgy. Cagsalaosao (tel: 209-4208)
  • How Chow - Navarro St. (tel: 209-3077)
  • Kamayan sa Karayman - Brgy. Carayman (tel: 209-1500)
  • Linda’s Inn - Gelera St. (tel: 209-1402)
  • Orange Brutus - Orquin St. (tel: 209-1772)
  • Jollibee - Gomez St. cor. Rosales Blvd..
Where to Stay
  • Calbayog Inn, along Navarro St., is located by the sea and 1 km. from the city center, past the Philtranco Terminal.  It has non-aircon rooms and a restaurant.  Tel: 209-1228.
  • Central Inn, along Navarro St., has 28 aircon rooms with bath and a rooftop restaurant.
  • Eduardo’s Tourist Hotel, at Pajarito St. corner Rosales Blvd., has aircon rooms with bath (PhP5000) and a restaurant.  Tel: 209-1558.
  • Fua's Hotel has non-aircon rooms and a restaurant.
  • Linda's Inn has non-air-con rooms and a restaurant.
  • Marju Krisel Hotel, KTV Food House and Resort, at Brgy. Policarpo, has aircon rooms with bath and a swimming pool.  Tel: 209-1591.
  • Riverside Inn, along Navarro St., at the Market Site, has seven non-aircon rooms with bath.
  • San Joaquin Inn, at the corner of Nijaga and Orquin Sts., has 23 non-aircon rooms with or without bath, restaurant and conference rooms.  Tel: 209-1386.
  • Seaside Drive Inn, along the National Highway in Brgy. Rawis, has 17 rooms (aircon and non-aircon rooms with bath), restaurant and disco.
  • Wayside Lodging House, at the corner of Orquin St. and Magsaysay Blvd., has eight non-aircon rooms with bath.
  • Bagacay Beach Resort, in Brgy. Bagacay, has 20 rooms (aircon and non-aircon single rooms with bath).  Tel: 209-1229.
  • Bagacay Lodging and Restaurant
  • Calbayog 2001 Bistro Pensionne - Brgy. Payahan (tel: 209-3639)
  • Cardinal Rosales Socio-Pastoral Center - J.D. Avelino Ave. (tel: 209-4097)
  • City Lodge - Brgy. Obrero (tel: 209-3501)
  • Herman Gmeiner Youth Hostel, La Vista Pensionne - Brgy. Capoocan (tel: 209-2528)
  • Lo-oc Beach Resort - Brgy. Malajog, Tinambacan District
  • Mangrove Inn and Restaurant - Magsaysay Blvd.
  • Princess Pensionne
  • Sangyaw Lodging House
  • Sigma Lodge - Burgos St. (tel: 209-1434)
  • 3 Gems Pension House - Brgy. Obrero (tel: 209-4055)
  • Traveler’s Lodging House
  • TTMIST Youth Hostel - Umbria St. (tel 209-1470)
How to Get There


Zest Air has 95-min. flights to Calbayog City from Manila.  Calbayog Airport, a secondary airport at Brgy. Trinidad, is located 7.5 kms. northwest of the city.  It has a 1,475-m. (4,800-ft.) long and 30 m. wide paved concrete runway that can accommodate aircraft for general aviation (weighing 12,000 pounds and below).      

Airline Ticketing Offices:

  • Zest Air - G/F, Riverview Cinema Bldg., Gomez Ext. (tel: 209-1162, 209-1189 & 209-1363-64, fax 209-1190
  • Zest Air - Calbayog Airport (tel: 354-1379)
  • Pacific Air - Rosales Blvd.
  • Philippine Airlines - Calbayog Airport (reservation/ ticketing, tel: 251-2076 & 356-1004)
  • Philippine Airlines - Navarro St. (tel: 209-1255)


Palacio Shipping Lines ships ply the 12-hour Calbayog City-Cebu City route.  The wharf is situated 810 m. from the city proper. 

Shipping Lines Ticketing Offices:

  • Palacio Shipping Lines - Brgy. Aguit-itan (tel: 209-1946)
  • WG&A Superferry - Pier 2, Allen Ave.


Distances (Calbayog City to:)

  • Catarman (Northern Samar): 76 kms. (3.5 hrs., Philippine Eagle)
  • Allen (Northern Samar): 62 kms. (2 hrs., Philippine Eagle)
  • Tacloban City (Leyte): 182 kms. (4 hrs., City Auto Bus Lines)

Goldline Tours, Inland Trailways, Ma. Victoria Transit and Philtranco buses ply the 25-hr. Manila-Calbayog City route including the 2-hr. ferry from Matnog (Sorsogon) to Allen (Northern Samar).

Bus Terminals:

  • City Auto Bus - Brgy. Payahan
  • Inland Trailways - Navarro St.
  • Philtranco - 49 Sen. J.D. Avelino cor. Rama Sts.
Tourist Information Center
  • City Tourism and Information Office - G/F, Handumanan Bldg. (tel:   209-1776 & 209-4041, fax: 209-3503)
  • Mayor’s Office - 2/F,  City Hall,  J.D. Avelino Ave. (tel:  209-1200, fax: 209-1725)
  • September 1-8 (Sarakiki Festival, Our Lady of Nativity) - the word sarakiki comes from the word sakingking (originally nakingking) meaning “to allure, to provoke an enemy to fight, to deter an opponent or to enchant and bewitch.”  Sarakiki is manifested in courtship, songs, war dance, kuratsa and rituals (hadang).  The festival features a street dance by performers wearing costumes inspired by the appearance of the cock.
  • October 3 (Soleda, Our Lady of Solitude)
  • October 16 (Grand Caracol, St. Rafael the Archangel) - features a street pageantry of dancing devotees and a fluvial procession of the image mounted on an intricately decorated boat.
  • Landbank - Rosales Blvd.
  • Metrobank
  • Philippine National Bank - Brgy. Obrero
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation - Magsaysay Blvd. cor. Gomez St.
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - Nijaga cor. Gomez Sts.
Police Assistance
  • PNP Headquarters - Reclamation Area
Medical Assistance
  • Calbayog District Hospital - Burgos St. (75 beds )
  • Calbayog Sanitarium Hospital - (15 beds)
  • Our Lady of Porziuncola Hospital (OLPHI)
  • St. Camillus Hospital - Airport Rd., Brgy. Trinidad (60 beds, tel: 209-1164, fax: 209-3289)
  • Mercury Drug - Nijaga St..



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