The Bicolano dialect is spoken by 6.96% of the total Philippine population. It is spoken in the Bicol Region provinces of Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon.  This dialect constitutes a strange variety in words and in diction. Generally, the Bicol dialect in Legaspi and Albay District is the common tongue used.  The big alterations of tone and words arise when one travels away from the city proper.

In some towns, there are clear distinctions of variable terminologies in their use of words to convey their messages as compared with the neighboring towns.  There are amazing varieties of many words of the same meaning for one object or concept.  Here are some common Bicolano words and phrases useful for tourists:

Good morning/afternoon/evening Marhay na aga/hapon/banggi
Good day/night Marhay na aldaw/banggi
Goodbye Paaram
How are you? Kumusta
I'm fine.  And you? MabalosSa uno?
How is Mr./Mrs. ...?
Panona si Mr./Mrs. ....
What is your/(his/her) name? Ano an ngaran mo/niya?
My name is .... An ngaran ko ....
Pleased to meet you Ikinauugma kong makilala ka
Where do you live? Sain ka nag star?
Do you speak ....? Kun tataong magtaram ki ...?
I'll be seeing you Gusto ning pahunod sa imo
What time is it? Anong oras na?
Do you have ... ?
Igwa ka ... ?
Do you sell ... ?
Nagpapabakal ka ... ?
How much does it cost?

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